Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Not all supplements are the same

No, not all supplements are the same! We need to know where the ingredients that are in the supplements are derived from. Where are the nutrients in the supplements extracted from and processed? Are the supplement ingredients heavy metal and toxin free? All these factors are relevant. Supplements should be safe.

There are questions to ask when choosing a safe and effective nutritional supplements company. It is not just what is in it, but where is it from. Example fish oil, what did the fish eat? It is what the fish eat that creates the benefits of fish oil. Farmed fish do not eat their natural diet of algae and plankton, they are fed grains, hormones and antibiotics. This fish oil will be void of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). Cold pressed extraction is essential for stability of EFA’s. Heat will damage EFA’s and will then have no nutritional value.

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Not all supplements are the same:

  • What are the ingredients
  • Where are the ingredients derived from?
  • Are the minerals plant derived, organic or inorganic?
  • Are the ingredients safe, heavy metal and toxin free?
  • Is the packaging safe?
  • Are the ingredients in synergy?

Minerals can be organic or inorganic. Using the wrong minerals will upset the bodies mineral balance. The human body requires 60-80 essential minerals every day. Minerals have synergists and antagonists, taking selected minerals or the wrong type of minerals will upset mineral balance. Mineral supplements are not labeled with this information, so how do you know?

Examples of fish oil and minerals are just the tip of the ice berg. One must get good at reading labels, sifting through websites and contacting supplement companies. There are not many companies that are translucent about this information. Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend Modere for our nutritional supplements and safe home and personal care products. Modere are a safe product company who refuse to use chemicals and are constantly testing and researching.

Nutrition supplements are expensive, and so is organic food. Nutritional supplements are used to provide elements to the body in doses not available from food or when the food source is not available or desirable. If the ingredients are not what they seem, not in the right dose, not from the right source, they won’t work. The other thing to be aware of is synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are used because there is no natural supply to meet demand. Synthetic ingredients can be safe if the molecular structure is identical and chemical free. However, synthetic ingredients are cheap and can be genetically modified (GMO) and are commonly found in supplements. This information is not on the label. Always take safe nutritional supplements in a pH alkaline environment in synergy with all required nutritional elements. If one piece of the puzzle is missing you may miss the desired result.

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Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Not all supplements are the same