Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Check up

In today’s world things are always changing and evolving. These changes can have a positive impact on natural hair loss treatment Sydney choices and hair growth products Sydney options. If you have visited Absolique Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost for a diagnosis in the past, or are following a hair loss treatment Sydney program or maybe you are in a maintenance phase of holistic hair loss treatments Sydney? Where ever you may be at with your individual hair loss treatment Sydney, it is a good idea to check in every 4-6 months and then to see if your hair loss treatment requires any changes or maybe it can become easier or more cost effective for you.

Absolique Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost developed microscopic ‘Scope Sessions’ which map, track and record hair growth Sydney resulting from hair loss treatment Sydney. This technical mapping is used to compare hair loss treatment results and hair growth to see exactly what is happening at scalp level which enables us to be completely honest and accurate about your individual hair loss treatment Sydney progress or stability.

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Check-up Microscopic ‘Scope Sessions’:

  • Maps out the hair cycle, pattern thinning and alopecia over the entire head
  • Tracks hair cell function, the hair cycle and hair growth
  • Checks up on pattern hair thinning related to DHT
  • Can record up to 50 images for future comparison
  • Costs $200 and takes up to 1 hour

If you have had a previous Scope Session at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney, Scope Session service also includes ‘Scope Comparison’ which is emailed to you and a complimentary phone or Skype chat to discuss the results shown with microscope comparison and forge a new hair loss treatments Sydney plan for the next 4-6 months. This service is important when using Minoxidil topically or oral DHT inhibitors as they may not be necessary anymore but one can’t stop both at the same time… so we discuss and create a future hair loss treatment plan with you. Continuing simple hair loss treatment Sydney may benefit more hair growth and stabilize the hair cell and hair cycle as they can and will be affected by health and lifestyle changes and challenges.

Everything is re-evaluated at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney Scope Sessions to ensure you are getting the most from your hair loss treatments Sydney or to simply check in on your easy hair loss treatments maintenance program. Our goal is to make sure you never go back to where your hair loss Sydney problems began.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney on 02 8014 6916 to book your Hair Loss Treatment Sydney check-up Scope Session or email Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost

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Hair Loss Treatment Sydney – Check up.