Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, are Hair Transplants right for you

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, are Hair Transplants right for you

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, are Hair Transplants right for you

As Trichologist Sydney, I am often asked about hair loss treatment with hair transplants. Hair Transplants have been an available technique for many years. Although, the technology and research into hair transplants since the 1980’s has improved a great amount. The idea behind performing a hair transplant is to implant donor hair from the terminal area into the area of balding or hair thinning.

Described as ‘single follicular’ the procedure of hair transplanting, when implanted correctly with modern techniques, should be undetectable even with the use of a microscope. There is no more noticeable plug, donor site scars or unusual patches of hair. In my 30 years in the hair industry and as Trichologist, I have seen the good, bad and ugly outcomes from hair transplants. Even with the growing developments, specialised techniques and outstanding results, hair transplants do not rectify the actual cause of hair thinning or baldness. I have seen many clients with hair transplants where the hair thinning continues, because the underlying cause was not addressed.

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, are Hair Transplants right for you, what you need to consider:

  • Start by addressing the cause and symptoms of your baldness or hair thinning
  • Develop a recovery and maintenance plan
  • Consider the health of the transplant site and the donor site

Finding your individual underlying cause of the hair thinning or baldness can save you and thousands of dollars. Recently, I helped a female client who had incredible single follicular transplants, but due to her underlying iron deficiency and dominant female pattern, the transplants were falling out and the hair thinning continued in the surrounding areas. After thorough examination, we put a plan in place to sort out and support all the associated factors, which will also protect the hair transplants.

Another case was the perfect hair transplants, however no maintenance plan to follow, which lead to continued hair thinning around the hair transplants. Absolique Hair Health Clinic can help guide you with personalised and simple plans to make sure you are getting the most out of your hair transplants, pre or post-surgery, help is here. As a Trichologist specialising in hair loss treatments, I see hair transplants as a solution when the follicle has closed as in some cases of scarring alopecia severe pattern hair thinning. If the hair follicle is still alive it could be receptive to natural hair loss treatment.

Taking this path will save you a lot of money and have beneficial health outcomes from Absolique Hair Health Clinic combination therapy natural hair loss treatments. Our combination therapy can include safe topical solutions and or nutritional therapy. Please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney with any queries or questions about Hair Loss Treatment Sydney, are Hair Transplants right for you. Email Trichologist Sydney at or call our helpful reception team on 02 8014 6916.

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