Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising

In life there are things that tempt us, and we are constantly exposed. The important thing to remember is to balance as we do not want to limit or restrict ourselves completely, being able to balance the level of pH within the body is highly beneficial. Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising may recommend an acid buffer to assist with your body’s pH when it is acidic from stress, illness, food, drinks, lack of sleep, medications and the environment. Absolique acid buffer is Absolique Hair Health Clinics own manufactured product and this can help when taken before bedtime to reach the desired body pH goal of 7, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

Balancing and achieving an ideal pH level of 7 will be individual to you. Body pH of 7 is neutral and an ideal body balance environment. pH over 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acid. We tend to fall into the acid pH zone which is out of balance, however over alkaline is also out of balance. Body pH should be tested first thing in the morning, when below 7 you can take acid buffer just before bed and this can help to buffer the pH and assist in raising back to balance.

Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising:

  • If necessary buffer pH levels
  • Balance is the goal
  • Check by testing body pH daily
  • Pay attention to your body

To avoid a reaction to certain foods if you are sensitive, minimising your intake is the best option. If your body does not like what you have consumed, it will tell you. You will need to make a decision if it is worth the discomfort and pain if you are experiencing negative reactions to what you are eating and understand the side effects the discomfort is causing in the body and to body pH.

To receive more information about Hair Loss Treatment Sydney and Alkalising or how to buffer the body pH with Absolique’s Acid Buffer and how to make your own acid buffer and also the different types of buffers you can use, contact Absolique Trichologist Sydney at or contact Absolique reception team on (02) 8014 6916. We are more than happy to answer any questions and hear your hair and pH journey.

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