Hair Loss Treatment for Men Sydney, Early Onset Pattern Thinning

Hair loss treatment for Men

Hair loss treatment for Men

Typically hereditary, pattern thinning is a dominant gene and can result in gradual baldness. This is not the same as hair loss. Influenced by health, diet, environment, lifestyle and more, hair loss is linked to the hair cell and hair cycle. Addressing pattern thinning as hair loss and vice versa will not achieve your desired result.

Hair loss is generally all over the scalp, also known as ‘diffuse’ and this can uncover problems that were happening that you may not have noticed, like pattern thinning. Commonly, males confuse hair loss with pattern thinning as it is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. Pattern thinning affects front, sides, top and middle (crown) of the head. Going under the microscope in areas away from the typical pattern thinning areas can expose the actual cause of the problem.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men Sydney, Early Onset Pattern Thinning:

  • Hair loss is typically diffuse and occurs three months after the cause
  • Gradual pattern of hair thinning is called male pattern thinning
  • Hair loss is not the same as pattern thinning
  • Alopecia Areata is hair loss in patches

Hair loss starts three months after an event takes place inside the body – illness, starting and stopping medication, surgery, highs and lows and many more triggers. The key is finding and addressing the cause. When hair loss uncovers pattern thinning, basic treatment can be done but will be unsuccessful if the real cause of hair loss is left unaddressed.

Common hereditary pattern thinning will have hereditary age of attack. If this is happening at a younger age than what family history of pattern thinning suggests, it is what is called ‘Early Onset Pattern Hair Thinning’. This usually happens after hair loss but is linked to environmental and hormonal factors like xenoestrogens (hormone mimicking chemicals). If hair loss or pattern hair thinning is something you are experiencing and it is concerning you, get a correct diagnosis promptly. Often, simply helping you to understand the cause is all we need to do to help you. Call us on 02 8014 6916 or email Carolyn Absolique Trichologist Sydney at

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