Hair Loss Solutions and the Process of Digestion by Trichologist Sydney

Intermittent fasting is an old fashioned way of eating. It has become popular again because it helps stabilise metabolism, reduce extra weight without feeling hungry, help reduce risk of disease and help with better sleep and more energy.

Eating three meals a day is not really how or digestive system was designed. Modern world now dictates when we eat to suit school and working environment. Intermittent fasting or scheduled eating was practiced by our ancestors as they didn’t have the availability or access to food that we have now.

Hair Loss Solutions and the Process of Digestion by Trichologist Sydney:

  • Intermittent fasting is a daily eating plan set within certain time frame
  • Creates longer time frame without food without cutting calories allowing for better digestion
  • Suggested time frame to eat is from 12pm through to 6pm but can be pushed out to 8pm and still get the benefits
  • This allows the body full function of digestion and elimination whilst adding back fluid balance
  • In the mornings drink water, lemon water, tea or even black coffee (no sugar), listen to your body and wait to see when you really get hungry, you will be surprised
  • When you do feel hungry, drink more water, you could also have a piece of fruit but once again wait till you feel hungry again before eating your first meal
  • If you are one who needs breakfast or feels faint or unwell at any time you should eat

For those alkalising with the ‘green drink’ for Absolique hair loss treatments, intermittent fasting suits many people with healthful stories flowing back in clinic in addition to healthy hair growth :o). There are some things to be aware of when practising intermittent fasting; it is not calorie restriction, should make you feel good and if it is making you feel unwell, you must stop.

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Fasting has been common practice throughout history. Modern science has proven that fasting delivers many health benefits check them out here with Dr Mercola, one of my favourite health advisors:

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Hair Loss Solutions and the Process of Digestion by Trichologist Sydney.