Hair Loss Clinic directions for using Re-Stim 5% Minoxidil

Recommend by Absolique Hair Health Clinic the following Scalp Preparation regime prior to applying Re-Stim 5% Minoxidil. These steps have proven results at Absolique Hair Health Clinic when treating Female Pattern Thinning (FMPT) and Male pattern Thinning (MPT) and can be combined with Hair Loss Treatments in clinic programs and HomeCare.

First Step – Perform Scalp Brush Therapy  to Exfoliate scalp, stimulate scalp & oil glands.

Second Step – Use Absolique Scalp Cleanser  to Clean residue from Scalp Brush Therapy & prepare scalp for topical treatments, always do minimum 2 Scalp Cleansers or more if needed until you get good bubbles.

Third Step – Apply Absolique Scalp Tonique to open hair follicles ready to receive topical treatments.

Fourth Step – Use your chosen Hair Shampoo if hair is more than 15cm long, being sure to keep Hair Shampoo off the scalp. Hair Shampoo is for the hair and should be nourishing not cleansing.

Fifth Step – Use your chosen Hair Conditioner if hair is more than 15cm long, being sure to keep Hair Conditioner off the scalp. Hair Conditioner should suit your hair type.

Sixth Step – Towel dry hair & scalp and follow the next steps quickly whilst the scalp still feels cold from Absolique Scalp Tonique. Effect lasts for up to 10 minutes.

Seventh Step – Apply Microneedle Therapy with Absolique Scalp Roller or other Scalp Microneedle devise to create channels to enhance effective absorption of topical applications and active natural injury reaction.

Eighth Step – Apply Activance Hair Growth Stimulant, hair cycle stabilizer and antioxidant all over scalp.

Ninth Step – Use a hair dryer to dry scalp in treatment area is important as not drying will result in dilution of Re-Stim.

Tenth Step – Treatment Area is FMPT or MPT where the DHT has built up, typically the top/front hair line, recessions and sides of head above the ears.

Tips – Apply maximum of 1ml of Re-Stim in Treatment Area, most people only need ½ ml. If you use more than required it will stick to your hair and is a waste of product. More is not better. Press the Re-Stim into your scalp, no need to massage or rub in.

And remember: Don’t dry scalp where Re-Stim has been applied for ½ hour, this will evaporate the product, don’t wet the scalp for 2 hours after applying Re-Stim, don’t exercise or create body heat resulting in perspiration on the scalp for 2 hours after applying Re-Stim, apply Re-Stim at least ½ hour before bed so it does not rub off on bedding/sheets, apply morning OR night at the best time to suit your lifestyle, but must be applied after your entire Scalp Preparation Regime as described above also being aware one should not wear a hat for ½ hour after application. For cases of MPT daily application of Re-Stim is allowed but only with the above scalp preparation, For most cases of FMPT & MPT application of Re-Stim should be at least 3 days each week during Hair Loss Treatments, Re-Stim is not required to be applied twice daily like many other commercially available Minoxidil product because of our combination therapy approach.

Minoxidil Precautions and Side Effects to be aware of, but not concerned by, as limited reactions have been reported in healthy individuals with a normal scalp environment. People with low blood pressure need to pay more attention to the reported side effects and discontinue use if any side effects are experienced such as faintness, dizziness, a rapid heartbeat, chest pain, swollen hands or feet. Minoxidil is for external use only and it is advised to keep out of reach of children and do not use during pregnancy or conception as a precaution. If any side effects occur, discontinue use and contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for further instructions

Hair Loss Clinic directions for using Re-Stim 5% Minoxidil.

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