Hair Health Check – Women’s Hair Loss Treatments

There are many causes for hair thinning and hair loss in women and a correct diagnosis with a Trichologist who understands the difference and various causes is the best angle to take before embarking on Hair Loss Treatments to give you understanding and save you wasting time and money on products that are not suited to your individual problem.

Your hair cycle and how it is closely related to body balance and health is very important to have evaluated and understand. Only once your hair cycle is understood should the presence of female pattern thinning (FMPT) can be determined.

The cause of FMPT used to be a recessive hereditary trait triggered by hormone imbalance or menopause. These days life comes with other hormonal and environmental influences that trigger dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to build up around the hair bulb only in the pattern thinning area at a much earlier age in life.

Hair Health Check for Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic finds 9 out of 10 females have this pattern of thinning. The most important thing to understand is that you can naturally protect your hair bulb from the DHT. The hormonal and environmental influences surround us and it is difficult to remove you from the influences altogether and continue to lead a normal life. Preventing DHT build up is the key before embarking on Hair Loss Treatments.

Hair Loss Treatments – Prevention of FMPT from DHT:

  • pH test
  • Alkalize
  • Use natural supplement DHT blocker in a pH neutral environment
  • Use natural topical DHT inhibitor on a prepared scalp

‘Hair Health Check’ is a combination diagnosis, consultation and Hair Loss Treatments solutions service available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic with hair specialist (Trichologist). Our methods are science and information based and we try our best to teach you the truth so you can choose the right Hair Loss Treatments that suit your individual hair loss and hair thinning concerns.

Hair Health Check available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic – Hair Loss Treatments Sydney takes up to 75 Minutes and costs $200. Bookings are essential.

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Hair Health Check – Women’s Hair Loss Treatments .

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