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Here are another some more results from Absolique Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments Sydney Hair Growth for Women. We share results often to encourage those who have tried various hair loss treatments that didn’t work, to appreciate you have to begin with a correct diagnosis. Then you need to addressing all symptoms and causes at the same time for 4 months. Once you see positive hair growth and feel health benefits, you will understand your body needs an environment to grow healthy hair and it all starts from a healthy body.

Mrs T. presented with diffuse hair thinning that effects the entire scalp hair diffusely which creates a hair cycle problem. 15 hairs per centimetre were not growing as they should diffusely and we also found signs of Female Pattern Thinning with the microscope. Pattern thinning will progress quickly in the presence of weakened hair cells and a hair cycle problem. Scalp scale and scalp oil were also noted and are usually associated with hair follicle problems.

Hair Growth for Women Sydney microscopic diagnosis found:

  • Diffuse hair thinning that can follow diffuse hair loss
  • Interrupted hair cycle
  • FMPT (Female Pattern Thinning)
  • Dormant empty hair follicles
  • FMPT Vellus hairs
  • FMPT transitional hairs
  • Scalp scale, scalp oil and follicle blocks

Consultation revealed Mrs T has 2 young children, low energy, and history of low iron and diagnosed low Vitamin D. Absolique Combination Therapy was the best option to address all symptoms and causes for 4 months. Absolique combination therapy includes but is not limited to; pH testing, alkalising, topical hair loss treatment, topical hair thinning treatment, prescriptive hair washing, nutritional program, doctors assistance with low iron and Vitamin D. In the first 4 months we achieved significant results and now make a plan to guide Mrs. T through an easy hair growth maintenance program to achieve continued results.

The Absolique difference is we educate you how to track your health and hair so you have the power to never return to hair loss or in the event of an unavoidable health problem, you know what to do. Time and money drops back after the first 4months of Hair Loss Treatments to become a quick and affordable routine that is now how you wash your hair. On the nutritional front, we do hope you find a way to get nutrients from your food, be assisted by your doctor on deficiencies and check in with Absolique every 4-6 months to check all is on track, because we care.

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