Free eBook 2 – The Truth About Hair Loss by Absolique Trichologist Sydney

If you have read my first eBook ‘The Truth About Hair Loss’ you would know who I am. For those who have just found me, I am a Trichologist practicing in the field as a certified, qualified hair and scalp specialist for over 20 years and been involved in the hair industry for over 30 years. Trichology is the study and science of the hair and scalp.

Through the many years in this field of expertise, I have learnt a lot of information and gained knowledge through not only my clients but my own personal experience, and this is something I wanted to share in my second eBook. I believe one must have a passion to embark on learning the science of Trichology, as the information is not light and requires an in-depth understanding of the complexity of this field of study and how it connects to the body in every way.

Free eBook 2 – The Truth About Hair Loss by Absolique Trichologist Sydney:

  • Hair loss discussion
  • Hair thinning information
  • Tackling scalp conditions
  • Information about autoimmune alopecia
  • Addressing both symptoms and causes
  • Digging deeper into trichology science

I was in my mid 20’s when I studied to become a certified Trichologist. At that age, we feel almost untouchable, that the world or anything around us doesn’t have a direct impact on our lives and health, regardless of the knowledge we hold. The science to me was quite simple. As a young budding Trichologist embarking on a new field, I obviously had the great desire to help people with hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions, and I began to slowly understand through exposure to the field that although science could assist me in uncovering the potential problems, there were limited treatment options available at the time.

To get a copy of the FREE eBook 2 – The Truth About Hair Loss by Absolique Trichologist Sydney and read more about my story, journey, hair loss, hair thinning, the hair cycle, pattern hair thinning, alopecia, autoimmune, cellular health, digestion and absorption and much more, please email to get a free copy of my eBook 2. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment to see our resident Trichologist call (02) 8014 6916.  Please note we visit Sydney around every eight weeks and appointments are essential.

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