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Phillips Day the author of Digestive Health is a researcher and journalist who tours the world. He provides awareness about medicine, self-healing and health. Whilst Phillip Day was in Brisbane on his Australian tour, Absolique Hair Health Clinic’s team as well as Trichologist Brisbane were very fortunate to attend his educational and uplifting talk.

Kendall Wright, who is an Absolique team member reviewed the book Digestive Health, first published by Credence Publications in 2005. Kendall thought it was a good book to write the review as there is a family history of digestive complaints including diverticulitis.

Kendall leads with “Phillip Day begins by saying the world is sicker than it has ever been. Which I agree with 100%. Food is getting more processed with quick and easy access to fast food. More sugar and flavour enhancers are added and people are not exercising like they should’. She follows wiith “He goes on to state, people are neglecting the basic six metabolic process which the body needs to be in to live a healthy lifestyle – Optimal Nutrition, Hydration, Absorption, Assimilation, Elimination and Relaxation”.

Digestive Health by Phillip Day:

  • We are not really informed on what these diseases are or how they affect us
  • Speaks about digestive disease such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease and Diverticulitis
  • Major causes of digestive disease – gluten, fungal infections, processed diets, stress, emotion upsets, sugar, grains, antibiotics, coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol

Kendall next covers, “The book also talks about Parasites in our bodies which eat out food we have consumed and leave their toxic wastes. Examples of symptoms are poor immune function, food sensitivities, thrush, chronic bloating and gas and many more to list”. Also including information such as “Fungi, Yeasts and Candida another troublemaker for the body and the associated complaints such as psoriasis, depression, cancer and many, all having dire consequences on the body and the causes of Candida overgrowths are prolonged exposure to these examples; antibiotics and other drugs, Cigarette smoking, acidic diet and more”.

In conclusion of the review, “Phillip Day includes the benefits of Detoxing and provides a Four-Week Cleansing Program to help kill parasites and fungal/yeast infections, clear out the bowel, and replenish it with healthy probiotics” Kendall praises “I highly recommended this and I found the book Digestive Health incredibly interesting, easy to read and very factual. Every person who reads this can take a snippet out of this book for their own body and dietary habits”.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic book review by Kendall Wright, Receptionist and Assistant to Trichologist Sydney. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney Reception team or Trichologist Sydney for more information about Digestive Health by Phillip Day or any of his other fabulous books. You are also welcome to share your hair loss, hair thinning and scalp concerns. Call us on 02 8014 6916 or email Trichologist Sydney at  info@absolique.com.au

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Digestive Health Book with Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney