Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Cycle

The hair on your head that you style everyday is the result of a complex sequence of cellular instructions. Hair grows from cellular division and like nails, have different structures and functions associated to assist in delivery of the end product, a hardened, keratinized healthy hair.

There are things that can go wrong at the cellular division and structures and functions can have problems which in turn can impact hair growth. Strength and structure of the hair bulb, hair follicle and hair can be effected when things go wrong at cellular division. The hair bulb is the lock that holds the hair in at the base of the hair follicle. The hair bulb is designed to be strong and resistant as it is made of the same substance that holds the teeth in, the root. The hair follicle houses the hair as it transitions from a soft cellular substance to a hardened hair fiber and has many assisting appendages.

Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Cycle:

  • Hair grows from cellular division
  • The hair bulb is made of the same substance as the roots of human teeth
  • The hair follicles house growing hairs
  • Each hair follicle has an arrector pilli muscle
  • Each hair follicle has a sebaceous oil gland
  • Keratinization is the final process producing a hardened hair

When there are body changes, has deficiency, overload, illness, disturbances, highs or lows, this can affect the health of the cell where it divides at the very beginning of the hair growth process. This potentially will cause not so healthy hairs to appear at scalp level three months later. When the hair cell is not getting all that is required for cell function (health), then it does not or cannot copy your genetic DNA hair code. When this happens the hair is still growing, but it is thinner, weaker, colourless, lusterless, frizzy and sometimes wiry. In some situations, such as common iron deficiency, the hair may remain dormant and not even grow back at all.

The result is always diffuse and is not permanent. Diffuse hair loss and diffuse hair thinning do not affect every hair on the head, it is a diffuse thinning of the hair spread diffusely over the scalp. Diffuse hair loss and diffuse hair thinning do not form patterns or patches as can occur with female pattern thinning, male pattern thinning and autoimmune types of alopecia. Both pattern hair thinning and autoimmune alopecia, in most cases are the secondary problem to the disturbed hair cell and hair cycle. The body has limited resistance to pattern thinning when the hair cell and hair cycle. Hair cell and hair cycle problems are a direct result of body health.

Head hair and body hair are an important and part of the bodies largest system, The Integumentary System. The Integumentary System is our skin system and the layers and appendages that make up the outer body defense system and regulation control. It is important and essential for human survival. The bodies essential organs and systems will always take required nutrition for cellular health, function and respiration. When there are problems with the hair (or skin) such as hair loss or hair thinning, it is a sign that things are not quite right inside the body. Please don’t ignore the signs and contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney for help with your hair and in turn health with our Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

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Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Cycle