Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Count

Diffuse hair loss is the most frequent type of hair loss. This is not medically misunderstood. Many medical modalities don’t understand the basic hair cycle functions and dysfunctions. Diffuse in the dictionary means ‘To spread or scatter widely or thinly’. Diffuse hair loss means the hair loss is spread diffusely over the scalp. A healthy hair cycle releases 70 to 160 hairs also diffusely over the scalp every day. If we don’t have a healthy hair cycle releasing hairs, then there is problem with the hair cycle which affects hair growth. Triggered diffuse hair loss on top of normal daily hair loss is not normal and disrupts the natural hair cycle.

When diffuse hair loss happens, the anagen growing hairs are falling as well as the telogen releasing hairs. Or, the anagen growing hairs are pushed prematurely into the Telogen releasing phase. Telogen hairs are naturally and normally released because a new hair is pushing it out. When diffuse hair loss occurs the result is a temporary empty follicle. These temporary empty follicles have to wait to come back into your individual hair cycle to grow another hair. This can take up to and over 12 months after the diffuse hair loss occurred.

Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Count:

  • Anagen hairs are growing hairs
  • Catagen hairs are resting hair
  • Telogen hairs are releasing hairs
  • This is the hair cycle and can be altered by triggers
  • Diffuse hair loss can result in over 300 hairs releasing a day
  • Know your individual hair count can help you identify you when diffuse hair loss starts and stops

Diffuse hair loss is also termed anagen effluvium because the growing hairs are triggered to release earlier than the hair cycle intended. Diffuse hair loss is also referred to as telogen effluvium. Anagen effluvium, Telogen effluvium or diffuse hair loss are much the same. Something triggered hairs to fall out of the cycle. The trigger is always something that occurred to the body or most commonly within the body 3 month earlier than the hair loss occurs.

Triggers of diffuse hair loss are significant and tend to be present for a period of time but can also be from a single event. Seasonal hair loss should not occur as we as humans do not have a seasonal shed of hair loss. If you notice a higher count of hair loss around the same time every year, look deeper into what is happening with your health and lifestyle around those times and particularly, 3 months earlier.

If you do a hair count and its over your daily hair loss for over a week, look back 3 months. If you can identify a one off event, then things should be of but visit your doctor to check in on any other hair loss cause as a preventative plan. Doctors should know specific tests to run to eliminate possible health causes of the hair loss. Common causes of diffuse hair loss are: Thyroid fluctuations, moving iron studies, high, low and moving blood sugar levels, starting and stopping medications, surgery, fever, stressful ongoing situations resulting in malnutrition and ongoing malabsorption related to gluten intolerance, IBS, food allergies and constipation. General health blood tests may not always pick up the cause for you.

Absolique Trichologist Sydney can see different things in your blood work that can be missed by the general ranges set for blood tests. Absolique look beyond the reference ranges because we understand low levels, moving levels and high levels can cause or indicated causes of diffuse hair loss. When required we can teach you the hair count technique to track individual diffuse hair loss to establish the cause.

Always ask for a copy of your blood test is your right. Absolique Trichologist Sydney Carolyn Evans-Frost will teach you how to read and track your own health to be aware of and prevent future diffuse hair loss. Absolique Trichologist Sydney will also advise the best hair loss treatments for your individual diffuse hair loss. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney for more information on Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Count on 02 8014 6916 or email Absolique Trichologist Sydney to share your hair story or and questions at: info@absolique.com.au .

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Diffuse Hair Loss Sydney and The Hair Count