Detoxing and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney

Our bodies are constantly detoxing. Detoxing is a cleansing action. Detoxing can occur from both positive and negative changes, internally and externally. Purpose detoxing is removing toxins whilst providing your body with healthful nutrients. Detoxing can help protect you from disease. Detoxing renews your cells ability to maintain optimum health. Our bodies detox and eliminate toxins through the skin, lymphatic system, lungs, intestines and kidneys.

Detoxing can sometimes produce temporary side effects. Some people may feel slightly unwell with a little fatigue, nausea or changed bowel movements. Side effects are a result of the body expelling toxins. Detoxing doesn’t cause side effects in everyone. The more toxins and the stronger the toxins, the higher the chances of side effects. Headaches can accompany detox from caffeine, sugar and wheat. Side effects are stronger with the radical detox plans such as juice fasting or eating only brown rice and water. These types of detoxing are severe and not recommended with Absolique Treatment for Hair Loss.

Detoxing and Treatments for Hair Loss Sydney:

  • Assist the body to release toxins
  • Encourage eliminating exposure to toxins
  • Provide the body with a balance of nutrients to aid natural detoxing
  • Protects from dis-ease and renews cellular ability to maintain health and hair

Absolique Trichologist teaches pH testing to help you understand the importance of a balanced pH. Testing your pH helps you to gauge and change your individual level of toxins. Acid pH indicates imbalance and possible accumulation of toxins. Detoxing is positive; however, Absolique Hair Health Clinic focus on helping you with your hair loss and hair thinning concerns. In most cases, it is necessary to started hair loss treatments right away which leaves no time for preliminary detoxing. This is why Absolique use and recommend Green Qi alkalizing powder to support an alkaline environment for absorption of nutritional programs.

Green Qi on its own, is not a complete detoxer. But, it can cause detox side effects if you have high levels of toxins. Green Qi used in conjunction with Absolique hair loss treatment nutritional program, pH positive diet and lifestyle changes, can in certain individuals cause detox symptoms. If you experience any symptoms that cause discomfort or continue for more than a few days, please contact Absolique. In some cases, we may suggest stopping recommended hair loss treatments, returning to a normal state and then gradually reintroducing elements of your hair loss treatment.

Detox symptoms can also be experienced from new topical hair loss treatment. Scalp cleansing is designed to detox the scalp. Scalp symptoms normally stabilize within two weeks. For most, there are no detox symptoms at all.

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Detoxing and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney