Choices, Hair Loss Treatments for Men Sydney

Here are the results after 8 months from the start of Absolique Hair Health Clinic holistic hair thinning and hair loss treatment. At Absolique, our hair thinning and hair loss treatments need to run in 4 month time frames. This is because it takes 4 months for changes at cellular level to be captured at scalp level.

After the 1st four months, we check in on digital images for comparison and begin microscopic tracking. We like to check nutritional status and health again also, blood tests help. In this case health was in a great place with good choices in lifestyle and diet changes. The healthier the person, the healthier the hair. We may make changes to the original hair thinning treatment plan to continue improving

Choices, Hair Loss Treatments for Men Sydney:

  • 1st four months should address both symptoms and causes
  • 2nd four months, designed to maintain results or focus on further improvement
  • 3rd four months, choice of maintenance or further improvement
  • Healthful lifestyle choices help
  • Natural hair loss treatments are not reactive and deliver sustainable results

At the 2nd 4 month mark we recreate start of treatment digital images and microscopic tracking begins. This helps Trichologist Sydney to see the reality of how our hair thinning and hair loss treatment recommendations progress over time. The images here are from the start of hair loss treatment to the 8 month mark. This is the 2nd set of 4 months hair thinning or hair loss treatment. The 1st four months can be the hardest because there is the most work to do. Hair loss treatment and thinning hair treatment in most cases, reduce over the 2nd  and 3rd  4 months.

Absolique hair thinning and hair loss treatment are created to be incorporated into your hair washing regime, with some Absolique tweaks and no residue. Absolique clients can continue on to full hair recovery with basic hair washing regime and healthy lifestyle. We will be your hair guides and can check in on your hair and health progress every four months. Once you are happy with your hair we can check in at six months and then push out to twelve months, for your hair security. We find this approach delivers peace of mind, stops hair anxiety and keeps you on track with hair and health.

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Choices, Hair Loss Treatments for Men Sydney