Causes of Hair Loss in Women Sydney

Practising Trichology for 18 years now, I have seen the causes of hair loss in women change and increase. It is a concern how much hair loss in women and hair thinning in women have increased especially in young women. The environmental toxins and hormonal influences we frequently discuss are causing problems within the body and the immune system. Low nutritional status also gives rise to deficiencies with the common ones being low iron, low ferritin and low vitamin D. Combined, it’s a recipe for hair loss problems and other health problems and are now common Causes of Hair Loss in Women.

Here we share hair loss in women results for Miss J’s. She is 24 years old and had visible hair thinning. She shared her hair has always had thin but it has changed over the last four years gradually becoming thinner than it has ever been. Absolique trichology microscopic diagnosis and consultation found she had been prescribed the birth control pill with various changes since the age of 16. The prescribed changes were from side effects such as weight gain. There was also a family history of female pattern thinning. Current blood tests demonstrated low iron and ferritin consistent with low energy on top of a vitamin D deficiency.

Absolique Microscopic diagnosis found common Causes of Hair Loss in Women Sydney:

  • Various hair cycle problems
  • Diffuse hair thinning spread over the scalp
  • Total 20 diffuse damaged hairs per centimetre in terminal area
  • Diffuse damaged hairs were also found in pattern thinning area
  • Female pattern thinning was also found in typical area
  • Empty follicles and vellus hairs found in female pattern thinning area
  • Excess scalp oil and poor scalp circulation were also noted and consistent with other findings

All of the symptoms described and noted with the microscope were consistent with diffuse hair loss from starting/stopping/changing birth control and from low iron or low ferritin. In this case we had both. The result is hair not growing back to its genetic hair type, diffuse hair thinning allowing female pattern thinning to move in quickly changing the scalp environment.

We decided on Absolique combination therapy hair loss treatments Sydney addressing all causes and symptoms of Hair Loss in Women. It takes 4 months to deliver results at scalp level and they are impressive. It is important to understand there is a lot of correction going on in the first 4 months. They are the hardest part of the program but the most important. Once the first 4 months of womens hair loss treatment is complete, Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist will guide you into maintenance for continued results or move you into the preventative phase.

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women Sydney