Blood Tests for Hair Loss Treatment Sydney

Here at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney, to track your health we look at your blood tests for your treatment for hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions. Receiving your blood tests from your doctor has become increasingly difficult for some people because of changes to healthcare restrictions.

When doctors requesting too many blood tests without an existing medical condition, they may face being audited and this has led to some doctors refusing to request blood tests for their patients who may need them and are showing the symptoms of hair loss without any physical health problems.

Blood Tests for Hair Loss Treatment Sydney:

  • Scalp problems and hair loss are not considered medical conditions
  • Always obtain a copy of your blood work
  • Results will show an indication of any problems within the body effecting your hair or scalp
  • Healthcare changing their rules resulting in audits on doctors

You may turn to your doctor for advice when you first notice and experiencing symptoms of scalp conditions, hair loss or hair thinning, but these are not ideally medical conditions. Many doctors, who are not trained in scalp conditions and hair loss can wrongly tell you that it is just age or genetics. A difference or change to skin or hair are due to internal body problems in most cases and it is very beneficial to get your blood levels tested at that time so we can search for the cause when you first notice a change.

Often doctors will look at your blood test results and say that everything is in a normal range when you request to get checked. Absolique Trichologist Sydney will view your results in a different way to your doctor because we look at blood results in a different way for health, hair and skin, it’s not just about being in range, it is where is your range, high, low or changing, that tells the real story.

By obtaining your blood results the elements within will help assist Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney to target the triggers from your scalp concerns, hair loss and hair thinning. When your doctor understands that discovering the reasons behind these concerns is important to you, they should help you with receiving your blood tests to view levels and ranges. To obtain a copy of the recommended basic blood tests or share your hair loss story, please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney by calling 02 8014 6916 or email directly to contact Absolique Trichologist Sydney.

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