Birth Control, Hair Loss and Hair Thinning with Absolique Trichologist Sydney

Birth Control, Hair Loss and Hair Thinning with Absolique Trichologist Sydney

Birth Control, Hair Loss and Hair Thinning with Absolique Trichologist Sydney

After having requests to once again share a confusing and common topic, birth control. Any medication a person starts, stops or changes can be a contributing factor for diffuse hair loss. Another name for this is Telogen Effluvium. Diffuse hair loss can be triggered by a disturbance or change within the body, three months before the physical hair loss. You may then experience hair loss for three months. Unfortunately, because this has already happened in the body three months before, you cannot stop the process of hair loss.

This certain hair loss will be self-amending, which is relating to the cause was in the change of medication, three months prior. Following the three months of hair loss, the hair should recover over a period of 12 months. This can get confusing; when your hair falls out you stop the medication believing this is the cause of the hair fall. This can actually trigger another cycle of hair loss in three months’ time! This could be easier said than done, but try not to worry and think months back.

Birth Control, Hair Loss and Hair Thinning with Absolique Trichologist Sydney:

  • In this article reference is to synthetic hormone forms of birth control
  • Synthetic hormones can also trigger pattern thinning
  • Hair loss can be triggered by starting, stopping and changing medication
  • Pattern thinning and hair loss can happen at the same time
  • Pattern thinning is not hair loss

Male and female pattern thinning can be very different to actual hair loss, which is commonly confused. Pattern thinning is gradual thinning and can occur at the front, top and sides of the head, this is not physical hair loss. Diffuse hair loss from starting, stopping or a change of birth control can reveal pattern thinning which was already happening and you may not have been aware of this. In many cases, the pattern thinning problem can be corrected once diffuse hair loss has stopped. In other cases, along with checking the health of the hair cycle and hair cell, pattern thinning needs to be also addressed.

Following diffuse hair loss, the hair regrowth will be determined by the health of the body. The regrowth could also be diffusely thinner when highs, lows, deficiencies and other health problems are present. It is recommended to see your health care practitioner if you are experiencing hair loss and have you blood work done as a precaution. Always be sure to receive a copy of your blood test results to check the ranges yourself. A result that appears in the “normal” range, could actually be low or high for the hair regrowth, iron is a common example.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney can help you understand birth control, hair loss and hair thinning. We always check your hair cell and hair cycle function as well as reading your blood test results, to ensure healthy hair regrowth. With this information we can interpret and predict when the hair loss will stop, assist with hair thinning and recommendations on health and hair regrowth.  You are always welcome to email Absolique Trichologist Sydney, Carolyn Evans-Frost with any questions about your hair loss or hair thinning. Email or call our friendly reception team to ask about our hair loss treatment services on 02 8014 6916.

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