Best Treatments for Hair Loss – Alkalising with Green Qi

In the first four month phase of Hair Loss Treatments we recommend Green Qi as our daytime alkaliser which ensures we get effective digestion, absorption and transportation of the nutritional supplements used for cellular correction and health to support our successful Best Treatments for Hair Loss and hair thinning.

Green Qi contains 25 green synergistic ingredients that are chemical free. Add Green Qi to filtered water to make your alkalising drink that has a calorie value that’s acts as alkaline food and fills you up! When drinking the drink take nutritional supplements to ensure digestion, absorption and transportation, then you are guaranteed they will work in your body.

Green Qi is an acquired taste so to help you enjoy it a little more we have been playing around with some safe additives for you. Make sure whatever you add is pure and organic or you will compromise the alkalizing power of Green Qi and the very purpose you are taking it for.

Best Treatments for Hair Loss – Alkalising with Green Qi. Get good at it by adding one of the following or find your favourite combination:

  • Vitamin C powder available in clinic now
  • Coconut oil cold pressed organic
  • Fresh ginger organic
  • Mint leaves organic or home grown
  • Basil leaves organic or home grown
  • Raw honey organic and sugar free
  • Stevia powder organic
  • 5ibre find under wholistic foods on Neways website

Personally I don’t mind the taste of Green Qi because I know it is good for me, but I do enjoy it so much more with our new Vitamin C powder that we have in stock, seriously makes it taste delicious! Try adding the different suggestions one at a time to find your favourite flavour. Always take on a hungry empty tummy and don’t eat again until you are hungry or your food choices could compromise all your good work.

For those with fast metabolism you can also have some unsalted, unoiled organic if possible, nuts before, during or after your Green Qi drink to sustain you for a little longer and overcome any nausea associated with needing more food and taking supplements. Be sure to freshly blend or juice ginger, mint and basil. Cheers.

For further information and other ideas to make your Green Drink a positive experience or if you have found your own recipe that you would like to share please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist by email or call reception team on 07 3229 3242. Tessa on reception like the Vitamin C best!

Best Treatments for Hair Loss – Alkalising with Green Qi

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