Baldness Treatment Sydney and Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results

The results we share her are to demonstrate how simple maintenance after Mens Hair Loss Treatments can continue to deliver results and most importantly, hold the results. Mr K was 32 when he originally visited Absolique Hair Health Clinic in March 2014. Back then he was concerned about hair loss and dry scalp. Under the microscope we found male pattern thinning, dry scalp and scalp scale, which are very different things.

The initial Mens Hair Loss Treatments 4-months focused on balancing the scalp topically with safe scalp products whilst addressing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related to male pattern thinning topically and naturally internally. Mr K’s hair cycle was in good state as was health so we focused on male pattern thinning. It is important to understand here, male pattern thinning is not actually hair loss, it is a gradual thinning of the hair only in the typical male pattern thinning areas.

Baldness Treatment Sydney and Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results, Male Pattern Thinning:

  • Is not actual hair loss
  • Is a slow thinning of hair in the typical male pattern thinning area
  • Is frequently confused with hair loss
  • Is caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Can be naturally prevented and treated
  • Is not a sentence for baldness
  • Causes are hereditary, hormonal, environmental & free radical effect
  • Is presenting as early onset due to so many environmental factors in today’s world

Mr K showed expected improvement in the first four months of Mens Hair Loss Treatments when we checked in with Absolique microscopic tracking scope session. When we can see actual results we can be honest as how it will be best to move into maintenance Mens Hair Loss Treatments that are simple and effective.

At Absolique we recommend checking in every 4 months until you are satisfied and confident with your results. Here we are sharing how initial treatment can further progress and continue delivering Mens Hair Loss Treatments or politically correct, male pattern thinning results. Maintenance includes a basic hair washing regime. Basic hair washing regime includes Scalp Brush Therapy, Absolique Scalp Cleanser, Activance Practitioner Series. Nutritionally we have continued to protect with one Green Qi for ensured absorption to take one natural mens prostate health supplement which prevents DHT binding to androgen receptors.

We are both happy with the results from last four months Mens Hair Loss Treatments with a simple program that looks after scalp, hair and body with no side effects. As a precaution we check in on health by looking at recent blood tests to make sure we have body balance, and always ask about your pH. The latest catch up with Mr K found low Vitamin D, low Ferritin, low levels of general base minerals and low HDL (good cholesterol). All of this needs to be taken into consideration to maintain body balance. When body balance is not right, it will in turn effect the body, health and hair and could have an effect on all the good work we have done so far.

So with a plan in place for health and hair and assistance of Mr K’s doctor we move forward to the next 4 months when we check in once again. Remember it all begins will correct diagnosis!

For more information on Baldness Treatment Sydney and Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results and Male Pattern Thinning, contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Sydney by email or contact our amazing reception team on 02 8014 6916.

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Baldness Treatment Sydney and Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results