Autoimmune Alopecia Areata and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney

Autoimmune Alopecia Areata and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney

Autoimmune Alopecia Areata and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney

The meaning for Alopecia is hair loss, but also shadowed by the descriptive word Areata, which is another way to describe the type of hair loss, alopecia. Alopecia areata is known to be an autoimmune type of hair loss which is patchy, also where the immune system can cause destruction for the hair follicle and hair loss is the result. This can go as far as round patches that can occur anywhere over the head, beard or body, typically staying small but can increase in size and overlap to form unusual shapes of hair loss alopecia.

In most cases alopeica areata is a temporary condition with having the hair follicle regrowing and recovering. Establishing the state of the hair follicle is important when first noticing alopecia areata to avoid the common associated hair anxiety. The reason for alopecia areata to occur is unknown but this is where things get interesting because it can be traced to an event and environment in our bodies where our immunity is lower than normal. Autoimmune is still being uncovered in the world of science as a topic that creates a lot of interest with many autoimmune conditions now being exposed and linked.

Autoimmune Alopecia Areata and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney:

  • Alopecia, hair loss
  • Patchy hair loss can be alopecia areata
  • It’s generally a temporary condition alopeica areata
  • Alopecia areata has an autoimmune trigger
  • Lifestyle can balance autoimmune conditions

We can inherit autoimmune tendencies, along with exposure to environments that can lead to autoimmune issues which is a major factor in our lives nowadays too. Whatever the cause or reason, understanding the importance to protect against autoimmune conditions and how to upkeep the immune system as a preventative approach is helpful. Some of the cases I have come across, the alopecia areata is only temporary and a full recovery is probable, but also education on how to prevent recurring alopecia areata is something we like to promote.

What plays a massive role in autoimmune alopecia areata is nutrition and lifestyle. Maintaining nutritional status, understanding and avoiding environmental exposure and stress management can help support the immune system, which all help overcome and avoid further alopecia areata. Read more about the immune system in our recently released eBook 2.  Email to request your free copy

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