Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic Exclusive Scope Sessions

Scope Sessions are our way of mapping, tracking and comparing microscopic images of the scalp hair for real results from hair loss treatment. Scope Sessions developed by Carolyn Evans-Frost Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic, are essential to every hair loss treatment performed by Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic. Scope Sessions ensure we get real results from hair loss treatments and are used to test new methods of combination hair loss treatments due to ever changing and accumulating environmental influences on health and the different types of hair loss and hair thinning.

Scope Sessions are ensured to be accurate by measuring and marking out specific locations on the scalp. Scalp images are captured at the beginning of hair loss treatment and at the end which typically 4 months later. The images are compared to clearly see the results. The scalp hair under the microscope is not forgiving and does not hide the truth of what has or not happened during hair loss treatments. Scope Sessions are also used to track maintenance of hair loss treatments, HomeCare hair loss treatments or in the event that hair loss or hair thinning occurs again.

Why choose Scope Sessions:

  • Scope Sessions display 60x magnification much more detail than 1x digital photographs
  • Scope Session images cannot be photo shopped or digitally enhanced
  • Scope Sessions have proven mapping accuracy  by measuring
  • Scope Sessions demonstrate exactly how the hair is growing from the scalp
  • Scope Sessions show individual hair diameter, density and changes from hair thinning
  • Scope Sessions show the vellus, transitional and terminal hairs related to DHT in female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning
  • Scope Sessions are the best tool to read the hair cycle
  • Scope Sessions displays open or empty hair follicles

Scope sessions take up to one hour to perform at the cost of $200 which includes a comparison session after the second and consecutive Scope Sessions. Scope sessions are complimentary at Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic when undertaking any in clinic hair loss treatment. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information on Scope Sessions or to reserve a booking to track your hair health.

Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic Exclusive Scope Sessions

Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic Exclusive Scope Sessions

Absolique The Hair Loss Clinic Exclusive Scope Sessions.