Absolique Sydney talk Liquid Nutrition and Hair Growth Products

Absolique Sydney always impart how much good nutrition is important for healthy hair growth and when recovering from hair loss and hair thinning. Without good nutrition hair growth products alone will not deliver maximum results as they can’t address all symptoms and causes. Combination therapy hair loss treatments always deliver a more holistic and sustainable result. When bringing the body back into balance to grow health hair one has to look at all the things required for cellular health. This is pH balance and nutritional elements that we should derive from our food. In most cases of most hair loss and hair thinning, the body is out of balance and has lost the intrinsic synergy of essential nutrients. So for the first 4 months of combination therapy hair loss treatments we need to use nutritional supplementation because it is difficult to get what all the elements required from food, in the quantities needed to raise levels for body balance and in turn healthy hair growth. You would also need to eat majority raw, organic food and this can be expensive and time consuming. The other problems is the missing minerals, because they are not in the soil, organic or not. And then we have to wonder will the body digest, absorb and transport these nutrients?

Absolique Sydney have successfully practised combination therapy hair loss treatments for a long time. Our proven methods include; pH testing, alkalising, nutritional supplementation with minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and a topical hair washing treatment regime. Most of the nutritional supplementation come in the form of tablets and some people struggle with the concept of taking tablets. So with this in mind, when we were testing our new signature hair growth product GRN, we changed around the nutritional supplementation and swapped it out for liquid nutrition. We used liquid minerals with plant derived colloidal Feroxin, we need 60-80 essential minerals each day, and combined with Noni Juice that provides important vitamins and antioxidants. pH balance needs to be maintained for effective absorption.

Absolique Sydney talk Liquid Nutrition and Hair Growth Products:

  • Absolique GRN – Grow. Revitalise. Nourish with prescriptive preparation
  • 60-80 essential plant derived colloidal minerals
  • Micronized Noni juice
  • pH alkaline environment with hungry, empty tummy

The results achieved were impressive because Feroxin provides the daily mineral quota and Noni provides many vitamins and antioxidants supporting and protecting cellular health and the immune system. We share this with you in case you are struggling with the concept of taking tablets, you can consider daily liquid nutrition with 30ml Feroxin and 50ml Noni juice. For this method to be successful you would need to be on top of your daily pH and follow a clean eating plan along with finding daily dietary sources of Essential Fatty Acids.

Always remember diagnosis the key and is always the first step to ensure all symptoms and causes of your individual hair loss or hair thinning are addressed. There just simply is not one miracle cure. Liquid mineral drink and Noni are available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic or you can buy it online from Neways/Modere. You do need a membership to buy online, so drop us a line and we can set you up with log in detail so you can purchase at wholesale cost rather than retail price.

Please don’t make the change to liquid nutrition in the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments. Email info@absolique.com.au or phone 07 3229 3242 if you would like to make the switch to, or start liquid nutrition with your Hair Loss Treatments maintenance program. Absolique Hair Health Clinic, Hair Growth Products, Liquid Nutrition, Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost.

Absolique Sydney talk Liquid Nutrition and Hair Growth Products.