Absolique Acid Buffer and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney

Absolique’s Acid Buffer is a citrus flavoured powder designed to be taken orally to assist in raising your body pH when required. pH is a measure of hydrogen, on a scale of 0 – 14. Below 7 indicates an acidic state where your body does not function as designed. Over 7 is called alkaline and is where your body will thrive, but not over alkaline. A neutral pH of 7, or slightly alkaline is required for an adequate absorption of natural supplements used for treatment for hair loss Sydney.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney use and recommend natural products to supplement on a cellular level with combination therapy to treat for hair loss Sydney. The body needs to have the correct pH to properly digest and absorb food and natural supplements. Another benefit of having an alkaline pH is having a better balance of body function and improved health overall. Balanced pH will assist with health, hair, skin, scalp, weight management and many other positives.

Absolique Acid Buffer and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney:

  • Will assist in elevating body pH
  • Should be taken before bed
  • Best taken in conjunction with pH testing
  • Will help neutralize body acidity when in an acid state

The ingredients in Absolique Acid Buffer have been individually used to neutralise the body’s acidity, and is also used as a safe antacid to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. Absolique Acid Buffer is a product that is safe as well as nutritional. The first step to alkalizing your body is conducting a pH test, to determine where your pH level is. To perform a pH test at home, Absolique recommends the ‘Easy pH Test Kit’, available from online at www.EASYpH.com.au or from Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney.

Absolique Acid Buffer Instructions: Once opened, keep refrigerated. If your pH result from your first urine sample in the morning is below 7, mix 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) into a small glass of filtered water just before heading to bed. Do not use unfiltered tap water, you will only be alkalizing the tap water. Brush teeth after Acid Buffer before bed.

 Make your own Acid Buffer: One teaspoon Bicarbonate Soda, powdered vitamin C, lemon or lime juice to taste. Mix into 60-100ml of filtered water. Stir and drink before bed.

Please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Sydney for a free information sheet on Absolique Acid Buffer and Treatment for Hair Loss Sydney. Email Absolique Trichologist Sydney at info@absolique.com.au or call our helpful reception team on 02 8014 6916 to ask any questions about Absolique hair loss products and services to assist with hair thinning, hair loss or scalp conditions.


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