Client Testimonials

Absolique Hair Health Clinic, Sydney – would like to thank all of our clients for your honest feedback, comments, stories, journeys and commitment to the Hair Loss Treatments recommended. Your continued dedication to your hair health is what delivers your results. Congratulations!


Carolyn has really put my mind at ease, I am yet to start using the products, hoping they come today. I really feel confident that they will work and I will no longer need to stress about hair shedding. It’s also nice having someone understand who has also been through it. Thanks so much Carolyn and Tess, can’t wait to get started 😁

Rebecca – Office Manager


I’ve been a client for many years and continue to find Carolyn and her staff helpful and passionate about what they do. Thank you.

Lisa – Artist


I have found Carolyn and the girls at Absolique, bright, happy and very caring and helpful.

Penny – Retired


Very Reassuring. Thank you.

Louise – Psychologist


Learning a lot here about myself, body and how things works & my hair. Looking forward to rebalance all that in the next month’s program.

Valerie – Sales


The hair treatment was fantastic, felt really nice. Looking forward to using these amazing products.

Anna – Payroll


Great Treatments!

Rebecca – Freelance Design


Absolutely Fantastic! Love the products!

Debbie – Admin Officer


Thank you immensely for your help.

Tanya – N/A


Always great to see Carolyn – she inspires me to look after my hair and health and guides me to do this.

Nazlee – Student


Thanks again! So happy with my results!

CeliaExecutive Assistant


Hair feels great. Products smell wonderful. Thank you.



Love the new office & really nice treatment!!

Chirag Software Engineer


Lovely staff very friendly & helpful.

Rebecca Nurse


Lovely People



Love the premises, the staff and parking, the products, advice & treatments and the care given.



Love coming in & seeing my results!



Love the situation



Wonderful experience. Lots of information given about the cause of hair loss and treatment plan.

Anna – Payroll


Very great, thank you.

Luke Psychologist


Very impressed, extremely helpful & informative. Felt totally comfortable & at ease. Please with results achieved. Feeling very hopeful and appreciative.



Wonderful & very helpful session. Excited to see the results. A lifesaver!

DebbieAdmin Officer


Just love our ongoing association with keeping healthy hair & scalp and smiling faces.



Feeling very fresh after treatment, thank you.

Lena – Office Manager


Demonstration hair wash left hair soft, clean and calm, thanks.

Tyra – Student


Feeling great after a good scalp clean!

Annette – Admin Assistant


Really happy with my results

Liz – Personal Assistant


Great results and great explanation.

Michael – Heavy Plant Fitter


Great central location

Ciara – Student


Always positive – gives excellent reminders and motivation.

Jacyln – Designer


Easy to find, always a great experience

James – N/A


Super easy to find! Love the new location x

Matthew – Business Manager


Treatment left hair feeling light, clean and refreshing.

Lyndal – Lawyer


Hair treatment, hair and scalp feels great, scalp feels clean hair feels soft, amazing products.

Shea – Receptionist


Very informative, made me feel happy and comfortable with my plan of attack.

Max – Physiotherapist


Informative session lots of information.

Kylie – Admin Manager


Easy access with Spring Hill Loop from city. Good location.

Carolyn – Retired


Thanks team. Looking forward to seeing how everything goes

Jamie – Dance Teacher


Thanks for very good service and friendly atmosphere!

Natalya – Home Duties


So happy with all my new hair growth! Thanks so much Carolyn

Cherie – Administration Manager


Here’s hopeful for some results.

Rob – HR Officer


My hair is so much better!

Mel – Actress


So look forward to my visits – such a positive experience and great results

Karen – Accountant


Great results and service

Mitch – Retail


Love seeing my results! Thanks!

Celia  – Executive Assistant


Dear Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Carolyn, I would like to thank you for the wonderful visit yesterday and for all the insanely awesome information I received!! Carolyn, as I mentioned yesterday that my health journey has been long and all the health professionals I’ve seen along the way have added value to my journey, however, I must say that you were ultimately the puzzle piece that was the icing on the cake. The knowledge I received from you and the understanding is something I’ve been seeking for 13 years. All I ever wanted was answers and an understanding to what was happening and what I could do about it. In seeing many, many professionals, not one of them have been able to provide me the valuable information you have given me. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to you and to G-d for sending me to you. You have given me hope. Thank you.

Anna – Personal Trainer


Knowledge is power + this has been the best appointment ever regarding my condition J

Anna – Personal Trainer


I’m growing hair. Yah! New little sprouts

Lisa – Customer Service


Thank you, helpful information

Charles – Unemployed


Grown all nicely, can’t wait to have my life back

Nadia – MD


Very insightful and in depth, looking forward to starting

Stefan – Pricing Analyst


Lovely visit, thankyou J

Louise – Admin


Excellent, helpful and reassuring

Claire – Home Duties


Fantastic! Very friendly and informative

Katherine – Advisor


Amazing. Informative and hope giving

Tg – Anonymous


Thank you, looking forward to some results

Louisa – CEO


Great Session! Thank you very much. Very informative.

Steven – Publisher


Very informative and lovely manner



Lovely friendly environment and welcoming, Thank You J

Mai Ling – Nurse


Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.

Renee – Teacher


Wish I came earlier! Very Helpful!!

Olivia – Lawyer


Very comforting and friendly

Maddy – Student


Very happy with the results, Thank you

Celia – Executive Assistant


Thanks, very informative and positive!

Jan – Administration


Fabulous information, very excited about treatment.

Lisa – Customer Service


Great information. Feeling motivated!

Megan – Teacher


So happy! Life changing!

Deb – Manager


Very helpful and informative,

Nicole – Emergency Med Stock


Here’s to hair regrowth!

Fiona – General Manager


Thank you for the information. Looking forward to growth!

Sam – Marketing


Achieving great results! Thank you Carolyn!

Maritsa – Home Duties


Awesome results. I’m very happy. Thanks!

Julia – Admin


Good advice and thorough consultation.

Michelle – Photographer


Great. Friendly and very informative.

Donna – Grazier


A wealth of knowledge. Thank you

Lucy – Area Manager


Thank you. Looking forward to hair health!

Shadi – Mother


Good knowledge and advice.

Shayan – Design Manager


Good information and helpful.

Anthony – Electrician


Thanks for the time and information.

Kath – Accountant



James – Project Manager


Feeling much better knowing about my condition. Thanks

Joanna – Postdoctoral Research


Thank you



Friendly and informative advice

Mitch – Retail


Great advice, will be coming back

Lachlan – Crew Trainer


Thank you Carolyn! You know your stuff

Luke – Social Media Marketer


Excellent thanks girls. Great service

Robyn – Administration


All the staff are very friendly and although I still have a way to go with my hair, I feel Carolyn has got me heading in the right direction with her program.

Nicole – Operations Manager


Good to know I’m not imagining the hair loss!



Great information

Vanessa – Online Retail


Carolyn is very knowledgeable and the best in Australia

Malcolm – Waiter


Very informative – looking forward to seeing results

Celia – Executive Assistant


Getting better results. Looking forward to more.

Ajit – Doctor


Awesome people – very informative, thank you!

Suzanne – Operations Manager


Excited to get started on my treatment

Julie – Member Serv Advisor


Great to see some improvement

Gabby – Cupcake Business


Thank you for your advice, reassurance and the action plan!

Kim – Teacher


Life changing – can’t wait

Deb – Manager


Very helpful

Julie – Sales


Thanks very much!

Adam – Director


Amazing results in 4 months so happy!!!

Leanne – Self-Employed


Definitely happy…Results are impressive 🙂

Leticia – Student


Informative & happy with solutions.

Chris – Marketing


Very informative & positive!

Teresa – Retired


Actually really surprised by the visual results.

Waiata – Carer


So informative! Really appreciate everything.

Sharleene – Sales



Kitty – Home Duties


Very informative & will hopefully soon see results.

Nadia – MD



A lot of very helpful information. Positive outlook.

Sue-Ellen – Administration


Not feeling quite so daunted now! Thank you!

Sarah – Admin Officer


Helpful and informative

Jacob – Construction


Helpful and informative

Charles – Unemployed


I am thrilled to have grown new hair. Thank you

Margaret – Retired


Very good info

Rebecca – Counsellor


Helpful and nice service

Julia – Admin


Great info and nice staff!

Michelle – Lecturer


Very insightful and supportive

Nazlee – Student


Supportive and helpful all the way through!

Julia – Admin


Thanks for the info, it was helpful

Bharath – Student


Lots of helpful advice

Amanda – Executive Assistant


Very very informative, look forward to treatment

Reece – Sales Analysist


Helpful and informative

Jacob – Construction


Helpful and informative

Charles – Unemployed


I am thrilled to have grown new hair. Thank you

Margaret – Retired


Very good info

Rebecca – Counsellor


Helpful and nice service

Julia – Admin


Great info and nice staff!

Michelle – Lecturer


Very insightful and supportive

Nazlee – Student


Supportive and helpful all the way through!

Julia – Admin


Thanks for the info, it was helpful

Bharath – Student


Lots of helpful advice

Amanda – Executive Assistant


Very very informative, look forward to treatment

Reece – Sales Analysist


Very helpful and supportive.

Toni – Retired


Very informative and useful into. Thanks!

Vanessa – Air Traffic Control


Always a great, informative appointment.

Zac – Marketing


Very helpful and productive. Made sense.

Harry – Self Employed


Easy to talk to, good help.

Tyson – Boilermaker


Very helpful and super friendly.

Isaac – Fisherman


Very helpful and lots of info! Thanks!

Tessa – Executive Assistant


Very helpful and informative.

Troy – Project Manager


Excellent, informative. Thank you.

Liz – CFO


Incredibly helpful and lots of information.

Shania – Waitress


Very interesting and encouraging.

Arabella – Home Duties


Very helpful and informative.

Macy – Student


Very informative and helpful.

Crystal – Teacher


Very informative and lots of information given thank you.

Tracey – Business Owner


Consultation was informative and reassuring.

Joanne – Process Engineer


Here’s hoping, great info.

Melanie – Actress


Helpful and reassuring. Thank you.

Rosie – Registered Nurse


Very reassuring and informative. Thank you J

Belinda – Teacher


Very informative and helpful. Thank you.

Kate – Journalist


Lots of information, very helpful.

Jelena – Home Duties


Very informative. Always friendly and helpful.

Jodie – Project Officer


Very Informative.

Monique – Remedial Therapist


Very Informative. Very happy to get such informative service.

Rashmi – Student


So much info. Great resources J

Samantha – Student


Wonderful, very informative and professional.

Stacey – Teacher


Great information and huge relief.

Danielle – Teacher


Excellent advice and help! Friendly people and good info.

Charles – Unemployed


Feeling a lot more positive. Happy Hair Day

Carla – Real Estate Agent


Feeling excited with my progress. Thanks

Chantal – Home Duties


Looking forward to seeing progress.

Kelsey – Barista


Very informative.

Jess – Ophthalmic Technician


Loved health talks – interesting.

Carolyn – Retired


I finally have some hope, thank you Carolyn.

Amanda – Sales


Look forward to our new journey.

Nat – Child Care


So happy to have found you J! Thank you so much.

Sarah – Administration



Glad to have the answer of what’s happening!

Darlene – Retail


Very Informative thank you.

Vivienne – Retired


Great information on my scalp health.

Stuart – Plumber


Very good to get info as well as what to do.

Clover – Retired


Great help, glad I learnt about you

Jenny – Retired


Very informative, look forward to future meetings.

Sean – Sales


Very happy with the progress and new products

Leticia – Student


Helpful information and happy with the explanation.

Karen – Public Servant


Got my treatments today and I’m so excited to start!

Amanda – Sales


Very Informative, thanks!!!

Loukmane – Project Manager


Thanks for all the help.

Annette – Teacher


Very informative, very helpful!

Harry – Student


Very grateful for the progress so happy!

Diane – Retired


Thank you for the information. Look forward to working on this with you.

Michelle – Credit Controller


Looking forward to keeping my hair!

Gemma – Accountant


Happy with the progress. Information is always informative and interesting

Leticia – Student


Thank you Carolyn – so much info but I am feeling a lot happier.

Felicity – Retired


Back again – looking forward to seeing the improvement.

Janine – Home Duties


Feeling very positive – looking forward to starting my program and seeing results,

Leanne – Self Employed


Very impressed with Carolyn’s insight and holistic approach. Thank you

Reina – Speech Pathologist


Very pleased with my results so far.

Maritsa – Home Duties


Very fruitful information and very pleased with the service

Andres – Student


Very informative visit!

Lily W – Student


Onwards, upwards, thank you.

Kelly L – Tax Consultant


Thank you for your help and advice.

Liv M – Student


Great advice as always.

Kevin K – Teacher


Have a wonderful X’mas + New Year.

Ajit C – Doctor


Have my 4 months control app and my hair has changed 100%. I have thicker, longer and healthier hair. I am so happy. Carolyn is the best, she saved me. Love you guys. Thank you so much.

Marcela R – Student


Thank you for everything 🙂

Michael G – Miner


Thank you wonderful service.

Elizabeth T – Receptionist


Thank you.

Rebecca G – Writer/Editor


Thank you, very informative!

Alex J – Electrician 


Carolyn and her team are very knowledgeable, approachable and exceptionally helpful. The information and treatment my daughter has received has been invaluable and exceptional. We are looking forward to some positive results. Thank you very much.

Liv M – Student


I was made feel at ease from the moment the appointment began. It was sad news about the state of my hair but really I knew it was in poor condition. It was important to me that I was listened to and I left the initial appointment feeling that there could be some positive changes in 2017 to my hair.

Karen R – Teacher


I meet Carolyn for the first time. Her holistic approach was impressive. She provided a very detailed explanation of the cause of my problem and the methods to fix it. I will be returning to discover the benefits of the treatment.

Kevin K – Teacher


I am twelve months into treatment to healthier hair and can only thank Carolyn and her wonderful staff for their support and expertise in helping me become a healthier person. Living out west knowing I have contact via email and phone whenever I need it has helped enormously. Thank you to everyone at Absolique, it is always very informative and uplifting when I do get to visit and see my progress

Terese R – Farmer


I have been seeing Carolyn Evans-Frost for more than a year. Since the beginning of my treatment I saw dramatic changes on my hair. I suffered for more than 10 years from hair loss. As a woman that was damaging my self-esteem and I was scared of washing my hair because every time I could see all my hair falling! Carolyn and Absolique Hair Clinique has helped me to recover my hair. To stopped my hair loss and have more volume and health in my hair. I am so happy that I could find her, she is so professional. She does not try to sell you unnecessary products. She honestly recommends what she thinks works better for your case and analyse your history from the inside trying to help you with that first and build your hair from the nutrition (if your problems is lack of vitamins or minerals) and topical treatments. She gives you the freedom of buy products from places that are not linked to her, therefore it gives me the confidence that she is working in pro of your health and hair not thinking of make profit of your products. She is sewn and understanding woman and she will help anyone with hair lost or any hair issue as she has the knowledge and the expertise to do the best. I am almost in 80% of the length that I was looking for as well and everything in my hair improvement is thanks to her. Love her!! All the best.

Marcella R – Student


I have struggled with hair loss for 15 years and have tried almost everything with little success. I was ready to give up, but came across Carolyn’s videos online. I was impressed by her holistic approach to healing hair loss from the inside and outside and decided to schedule a consultation. Since I do not live in Australia, our meeting was done via skype and everything has gone smoothly so far. I am very encouraged and have restored hope that my hair can be regrown.

Ahaji S – Uni Administrator


I’ve experienced ongoing hair loss since I was 13 for a number of different reasons. In the 25 years since I’ve been to specialists, tried different treatments, watched my diet, spent hours researching online. I went to Carolyn in May 2016 and have been doing topical treatment for the last 9 months. I saw changes in my hair and scalp after 6 weeks and both have kept on improving. But the best thing Carolyn gave me, in addition to the recommended products, was the hope that my hair could (and hopefully will) be restored with time and the right treatment.



I was impressed by Carolyn’s professionalism and knowledge. The staff were all very friendly.

Melba U – Physiotherapist


Must be optimistic and positive in myself to make this happen.

Lesa F – Unemployed


So like the comment above!

Rhonda U – Property Manager


Looking forward to results – positive thinking from here on.

Catherine M – Retired


Looking forward to the next stage of this journey.

Jacqui P – Business Owner



Kelly L – Tax Consultant


Thanks! J

Tracey D – Designer


Thank you for the guidance to better hair! Grateful for the changes already seen.

Voula M – Pathology


Thanks for all the good work.

Jon H – Paralegal


The journey continues! Still optimistic.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


The journey begins – great explanation

Gregg R – Electrician


Plenty of information, friendly and not pushy!

Nikki B – Scientist


Thanks for all the good advice.

Eva K – Sign Writer 


Got more information about hair loss.

Bhamini B – Accountant


Thanks for your help!

Emma C – Veterinarian


Very informative. I can’t wait to see the results.

Gemma C – Accountant


Results are very encouraging! Thank you.

Grania F – Travel Consultant


Very informative, thank you!

Melanie Z – Actress


The best results ever! The changes are completely visible. Keep doing what you do because you have helped us a lot!

Marcela R – Student


Very Informative and helpful. Everyone is friendly

Milly G – Accounts Clerk


Very Practical, useful information. Very Helpful.

Vanessa L – Mother


Looking forward to lots of locks.

Pat C – Homemaker


Wonderful, it’s great to get better.

Liz T – Mother


Love my new hair growth, thank you.

Catherine O – Business Owner


So excited for what’s to come! Thank you Carolyn.

Chantal Y – Stay at Home Mum


Carolyn, you’re wonderful. Bless your white cotton socks.

Theresa C – Homemaker


It is a little early to gauge the final outcome for my problem, but I would like to encourage anyone who has a hair or scalp problem to talk to Absolique Hair Clinic. Their professional, friendly approach is the beginning of a good journey. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Vi H – Retired


I meet Carolyn for the first time. Her holistic approach was impressive. She provided a very detailed explanation of the cause of my problem and the methods to fix it. I will be returning to discover the benefits of the treatment.

Kevin K – Teacher


I am into my third month of my journey to healthier hair and can only thank Carolyn and her wonderful staff for their support and expertise in helping me become a healthier person. Living out west knowing I have contact via email and phone whenever I need it has helped enormously. Thank you to everyone at Absolique.

Terese R – Farmer


I have been seeing Carolyn and her team now for just over two years. Having struggled for 20 years with hair that is extremely reactive to hair loss if my body is not 100% right, it has been invaluable to have ongoing support. Not only does the nutrition assist with my hair health but my overall well-being. I have been so grateful for having a service such as Absolique as it helps in all facets of health.

Natalie K – Sales Manager


Hair loss is scary. We did not know what to expect when we went to the clinic. As soon as we started talking to the ladies at the clinic, it was clear that they know what they were talking about. Thank you for helping us and guiding us thorough this process to stop the hair loss and kick starting the hair growth!

Yentl P – Student


Great Service, great Team. Always happy to recommend.

Nadine K – Researcher


Know what they are doing! Really happy with the visits.

Rakib H – Student


Super interesting and got a lot of information out of it.

Yentl P – Student


Very friendly and helpful.

Fernanda – Claims Officer


Very helpful and very friendly, has helped me heal and address the problem.

Jenny I – Retired


Very happy with my results.

Ciara W – Student


Very informative, looking forward to next week.

Paul K – Security Officer


Very informative and encouraging.

Lisa C – Occupational Therapist


A lot of useful information looking forward to results!

Shelley L – Office Manager


Very informative!

Kanupriya T – Student


Thanks Carolyn!

Rav P – Engineer


Once again I have realised how much circumstances affect my body. I had a reading done a couple of years ago and she said I have a life that has been and probably will be full of bad luck. Last August I was doing well and I was happy with my hair. Then September I fractured my hand. I didn’t realise until I came in for a Scope Test how much this inflammation would impact on my body, stress from work and there are a few other reasons I have gone backwards a little bit with my hair. I’m going to get back on track and hopefully in four months I will see a significant change and will be happy with my hair. Well it has been four months & I have seen an improvement in my hair & am happy with the results. I would still love my hair to be thicker so I hope in the next four months I will see even better results. I am happier in life, work is less stressful with my new job change. Hopefully I will keep moving forward with more positive results!Tracey D – Designer

I went to Absolique to get help as my hair was not growing and was very thin. I was explained everything in great detail, and helped with my decision to proceed with the rejuvenation of my hair. I have been on this process for less than a week and although it seems mind blowing to start off with, when you get into the rhythm it is not too bad, I am looking forward to a wonderful head of hair, and with Absolique by my side I am sure this is going to happen. Thanks to all.

Catherine O – Business Owner


I am about to order and trial some products from Absolique. I will let you know my progress once I have tried them.

Monique A – Graphic Designer


The service I received has definitely addressed my hair loss; the results are quite extraordinary.

Steve P – Retired


I had previously gone to a dermatologist who was completely unprofessional and didn’t explain anything to me! Just had a quick look over my hair and gave me Minoxidil. I was a little apprehensive to use it and wanted a second opinion. I found Absolique and they were professional and friendly right from when I walked in the door. I was surprised at the level of information I received. It was a relief to know that 1. There was an alternative to Minoxidil and 2. That I didn’t even need to take it.

Sarina W – Administration Assistant


New routine working for me and pleased with results so far.

Leticia F – Student


Very informative and interesting, very happy with treatment.

Zane R – Pilot


 A helpful and informative session and routine.

Krishna A – Engineer


I feel very informed and positive about steps forward.

Kasia C – Fraud Analyst


Great appointment. Was awesome.

Praveena D – Marketing


Happy with the visit.

Raed A – Receptionist


Very interesting consultation and informative.

Rhonda U – Property Manager


Good session, very informative.

Sarina W – Administration Assistant


Very informative and encouraging consultation. Carolyn is great!

Navina T – Lawyer


Carolyn, I would not have thought that improving my hair growth was possible at my age 8 months ago. I was very depressed when I first visited you because as far as the medical practitioners were concerned medically there was nothing wrong and I was told that hair thinning was normal at my age. I feel extremely grateful for the program you have developed and the knowledge that you are sharing via your business here in Brisbane. My confidence has vastly improved in both my private and professional life. Thank you for helping to restore the hair that I was born with.

Karen T – Accountant


I meet Carolyn for the first time. Her holistic approach was impressive. She provided a very detailed explanation of the cause of my problem and the methods to fix it. I will be returning to discover the benefits of the treatment.

Kevin K –Teacher


Carolyn is very knowledgeable and patient when explaining your diagnosis and how to use the topical products and vitamins. I also found watching the Youtube videos very helpful.

Stephanie O – Public Servant


Professional and friendly staff with invaluable insight and guidance in to improving not only my hair, but overall wellbeing.

Rose K – Online Publisher


Amazing appointment, feel very informed and reassured.

Aleisha H – Restaurant Manager

My hair is starting to thicken up as I have now done 7 Laser treatments. I went to the shops today, without a hat, for the first time. I just loved the feeling of freedom. That is what it is – freedom. No hat, no worry, no feeling of embarrassment. Thankyou Carolyn for giving me back my self-esteem.

Chris P – Retired


I have just finished my 8th session of laser treatment and am beginning to see some results.

Each time I go in I am eager to watch for improvement. It is a slow process but well worth doing. The whole team are very informative and supportive.

Chris P – Retired


I attended my first consultation with Absolique just under a week ago and felt a little lost. After my first visit I left feeling confident with a plan in place that was going to achieve the required outcome with all natural products and also improve my health at the same time. I felt very comfortable and look forward to starting treatment to regain confidence J

Tanya C – Contracts Administrator


Proceeding with the Laser treatment and all is going well. I am more aware of the time it takes for my hair to grow but I have good vibes from Carolyn whom I trust.

Chris P – Retired


Good information. Positive attitude. Very excited and hopeful for my treatment.

Shweta P – Accountant


All going well at this stage. Nearly ready for another haircut.

Chris P – Retired


Very Helpful and reassuring to be stepped through.

Hannah L – Student


Well Explained. Interesting.

Joy W – Retired


Very helpful.

Solon A – Student


Very Helpful, Should’ve done it months ago!

Melissa B – Bar Attendant


Amazing appointment, feel very informed and reassured.

Aleisha H

Great information and help from Carolyn. It was good to see the progress of my hair. Very happy with Absolique.

Elizabeth M – Army


I am feeling positive about my hair and haven’t felt this way in years. After seeing my microscopic results side by side from month one to month 4, I am amazed at the progress. Carolyn has been so thorough and kind throughout the process and I am thrilled that I found her!!! As a client from the USA, I have seen various doctors for years concerning hair thinning, and none have the knowledge and know how that Carolyn does. Hair loss is not permanent! I beleive this now. Yay Carolyn!!

Kimberly B – Teacher

I have just completed my first four months of treatment and had my scope session. I am thrilled with the results so far and cannot thank Carolyn and her team enough for the support and advice offered during treatment. Friends and family have commented on how good my hair looks and I have a lot of new regrowth that was not there when I started. I have now moved onto the maintenance phase and am excited to see even more results in my next scope session in four month’s time.

Jacqui P – Business Owner


Once again I have realised how much circumstances affect my body. I had a reading done a couple of years ago and she said I have a life that has been and probably will be full of bad luck. Last August I was doing well and I was happy with my hair. Then September I fractured my hand. I didn’t realise until I came in for a Scope Test how much this inflammation would impact on my body,stress from work and there are a few other reasons I have gone backwards a little bit with my hair. I’m going to get back on track and hopefully in four months I will see a significant change and will be happy with my hair and me 🙂 Thanks Trace.

Tracey D – Designer


Not only is the program starting to work but the staff are very helpful. Being a bit on the grey side of life the younger girls are great. Carolyn is supportive and professional. She will not give you false hope you have to remain positive. Today I had a SHORT haircut and am feeling much better about my hair. Going back in 3 days for my 5th laser treatment.

Chris Parry – Retired


Informative- I’m ready to go hard.

Hemi C – Pest Control


Very informative and ready to make a change.

Cherie O – Business Analyst


Fascinating, well implemented evidence based process. Extremely thankful for your world class service.

Maddy S (Paul E) – Cashier


Great + very interesting.

Gloria H – Carer


Laser treatment number 6 coming up. Positive thinking is making me feel that it is working. I had a SHORT haircut last week and it looks better already. I know it will be great when it is all over but it is a slow process and I must be patient. Looking forward to my next 4 monthly visit when Caroline can tell me about the progress we have made.

Chris P – Retired

4 month visit. We are making some progress. Starting laser treatment in a week or so. Looking forward to some more positive results in another 4 months. Patience is the key.

Chris P – Retired


Gives me hope about my hair J Very interesting information.

Leticia F – Student


Feeling good learnt so much.

Shannon G – Retail


Excited about starting my new therapy and routineJ

Leticia F – Student

I had a very interesting first appointment 1 week ago and have started on my new path to endeavour to get new hair growth and healthier hair and already my hair is feeling better and softer. I look forward to the weeks ahead and the results I get.

Marcia C – Director


I have just started on my journey with Absolique, but what I can tell you is that I already feel hopeful. I felt deflated and hopeless when I visited a dermatologist and was also made to feel guilty as I was upset about my hair loss. I have never been happy with the dermatologist diagnosis and as such with the support of my wellness doctor searched for alternative hair treatment therapies. I believe that my search is over, I am excited about the next four months and my instincts are telling me that we have the causes and solution to my hair loss. A weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you.

Jaana H – Foster Mum


I have been struggling with hair thinning for over two years now and had lost all hope. I took a chance and met with Absolique and immediately felt at ease. Carolyn was extremely knowledgeable and explained in detail what I needed to know about my situation. I am very hopeful for the results moving forward.

Janene B – Marketing


Excellent information, learnt a lot!

Sue S


Wealth of information!!

John B


Lots of Hope.

Diane W – Retired


Very informative and interesting.

Helen W – Physiotherapist



Very interesting and informative. Cannot wait to start!

Sheridan W – Dental Assistant


I felt comfortable and well informed.

Kevin K – Teacher


Hi Carolyn, I was really impressed with your knowledge, empathy and understanding you gave us at our appointment recently when my son and I come in to your clinic. Thank you for the time you spent and all the valuable information you gave us. Very much appreciated.

Nathan M – Student


I had my first visit with Carolyn to find out if I can do anything about my fine thin hair and found her to be informative and easy to talk to. Carolyn sent me away with a list of costs and the treatment information I will need to get back on track. Now I have all the facts etc. I look forward to my second visit which will get me started on my suggested treatment plan.

Diane A – Receptionist



Very knowledgeable. Look forward to visiting again.

Kurt G – Service Tech


I am from Sydney. Communications with Tessa over the phone has been good. I was able to discuss my concerns openly. She was very understanding, patient and helpful.

Doreen B – Administration


Carolyn has been very informative and motivates me to improve nutrition and understand the role of supplements in achieving good health and hair health. Alkalinity is the current science. My hair and scalp has improved since 4 months, and I hope to get further improvement.

Ajit C – Doctor


Due to having a stressful situation happen in my life I’ve gone back to Carolyn to help keep my immune system running high so that my hair keeps in optimum condition and doesn’t go backwards again.

Jessica B – Personal Trainer


Very informative will be back for the full treatment soon!!

Dean T – Performer


Very interesting I will be back.

Sandra W – Business Owner


Learnt a lot, looking forward to head health!

Juliet L – Teacher


Carolyn has so much knowledge + am here leaving with confidence my hair will be back on track soon. Such a relief. So happy I found Absolique x

Anna S – Hairdresser


Looking forward to trying the treatment, found out some interesting knowledge about my health. Thanks!

Josh R – Marketing


Thanks – it’s good to have a plan to address concerns.

Shelley S – Home Duties


Thank you for the relief!

Miren R


Feeling positive! Improvement evident, yeah!

Ajit C – Doctor


Very knowledgeable, plans to move toward great!

Emily S – Editor


Thank you very informative.

Lyndall B – CSO


Very helpful. A relief to have a plan.

Lian K – Mother


A lot of info to digest – thankyou.

Dianne W – Retired



Very informative consultation. Was good to know that something could be done for my hair issues. Didn’t expect the process to cost as much as it does, will be interesting to see the results for the price.

Mel B – Teacher


I am really glad I went to Carolyn Evans-Frost as she is so professional and explains everything so well. She gave me all sorts of information and on the second visit I was able to ask a thousand questions which she answered without hesitation. I’m following the procedure daily and feel so positive that I hope I can give more feedback at a later date to say it was successful.

Chris P – Retired


I had chronic scalp irritation for almost 2 years – visited two different dermatologists – and nothing seemed to work. After just two weeks using the products that Carolyn prescribed … my scalp is almost 100% improved! I can’t believe it. Thank you!

Erin H – Student


The consultation taught me a lot about my immune system & reasons behind the scalp problems. I found it very helpful & now confident that the problem can be fixed.

Ivy W – Accountant


This appointment provided me with a lot of information and relief. Thanks so much Carolyn.

Alexandra G – Admin Officer


I have been searching for some sort of answers for so long. Today was the best most helpful information I have received. Thank you.

Melissa R – Case Manager


I had been growingly concerned about my hair thinning over the last few months and decided it was time to investigate what was wrong. Having no help or support from medical professionals, I decided to take matters into my own hands and found Absolique. I have only had one consultation with Carolyn, during which time she completed a hair and scalp health check and was able to diagnose what was wrong as well as prescribe a fully comprehensive treatment plan. I have not commenced treatment yet, but Carolyn’s warmth and understanding, along with her extensive knowledge has put my mind at ease and I have no doubt that my treatment will be a complete success. Thank you Carolyn. I look forward to the next few months and the road to hair and scalp health!

Jacqui P – Business Owner

I’m excited about the journey ahead with Absolique, the approach that the clinic has to hair health gives me trust in their processes. I look forward to the results!

Soren O – Radio


I had a very interesting first appointment 1 week ago and have started on my new path to endeavour to get new hair growth and healthier hair and already my hair is feeling better and softer. I look forward to the weeks ahead and the results I get.

Marcia C – Director


Carolyn makes you feel comfortable from the moment you sit down. Her attention to detail is fantastic and explanation of the whole process very informative.

Julie M – Teacher



Marcia C – Director


Overwhelming but happy with positive feedback.

Julie M – Retired


Good experience!

Timothy L – Student


Great experience, fun but most importantly resolved what was giving me stress. The feeling of not knowing has been solved! Recommend to many others.

Matt R – Business Development


Very welcoming lovely lady, loved every moment of the consultation. It was great coming out stress free, looking forward to what is ahead.

Lachlan S – Truck Driver


Carolyn was very helpful!

Owen M – Management


Very encouraging and very friendly helpful staff.

Jan F – Retired


This has been an amazing experience. The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Natalie K – Sales Manager

The results speak for themselves. And believe it or not, you actually get used to the taste if the green drink!

Janine G – Home Duties


Very informative session today. Carolyn is very friendly and explains quite well, thanks.

Ekta V – Human Resources


Good understanding of how my history of medication has affected my scalp.

Owen M – Management


Wow!! I feel for the first time in 2 ½ years Carolyn has given me a great understanding of my scalp problem.

Lana B – Retired


Caring and thorough, showed a genuine interest in my welfare, very happy.

Stefan M – Sports


First meeting was great, learnt lots about hair and my body, Carolyn is very personable and I can’t wait to take the journey.

Soren O – Radio


Always lovely to come in and visit, feel very comfortable to discuss any concerns and I know that I will get the best advice to suit my lifestyle. Can’t wait for my next visit to see my results!

Daniella M – Graphic Designer


My second visit to Absolique was great today, I have seen great results for my scalp in just two weeks, very exciting! The staff are friendly too.

Lisa O – Business Manager


Wow, heaps of information and great advice! I’m excited to commence my treatment plan. Looking forward to feeling good and looking fabulous!

Ajit C – Doctor


Very informative and balanced approach.

James M – Building Estimator

I have invested a lot of time, money and emotion into this journey. I am happy with the result and am due on Saturday to have another scoping session done to ensure continuing healthy hair growth. I am also looking forward to seeing the new home of Absolique, and of course Carolyn and the girls.

 Susan D


Great follow up. Once again extremely informative. Looking forward to my 4 month return.

Carl F – Self Employed


The product has helped my hair and contributed to stopping it from breaking. The Activance also very helpful.

Suean B – Retail Manager


What I have learnt today is to be patient and understand the process. It is not a quick fix. My process is complicated and different issues needed to be addressed. Carolyn is wonderful in explaining and educating but I needed to keep revisiting what I was being told. Don’t give up and stick with the plan.

Bernadette A – Home Manager


Carolyn has a wonderful warm manner and explained everything clearly and thoroughly I felt reassured about my situation and am happy with the clear plan of treatment that will be achievable.

Karen T – Teacher


I’m really looking forward to the program and looking after my scalp, hair and nutrition. I felt very comfortable with how Carolyn dealt with my particular hair problems.

Karen T – Accountant


I’m a 16 year old male currently at boarding school. I noticed my hair was getting crazy thin and I thought I was going bald. My mates would give me slack about it which made me feel worse. I hated going anywhere and was always trying to hide it with a hat. After just one visit to Absolique Hair I’m so happy to know that I’m definitely not going bald, but I do have thinning which can be easily fixed with nutrition, lifestyle change and treatments. I can’t wait to get my confidence back! 🙂

 Jackson S – Student


Scope session with Carolyn went really well last week. Looking forward to seeing the images and if there has any movement. I’m not expecting a lot of growth given that I’ve not managed my treatment as rigorously in the last few months but hopefully it’s enough to have kept my hair stable. This should be a boost in the right direction to get me back on track with treatment regularity.

Mel W – Project Manager


Well another milestone reached and nearly at the one year mark since I began. Feeling great, happy and now have lots more hair! Stress levels have been high of late but have surprised myself at handling the situation (and kept my hair). I could not have done this on my own and my sincere thanks to Carolyn for her support, knowledge and help through my journey.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Very comprehensive and insightful. Thank you Carolyn.

Monika P – Housewife


Found out the cause of hair loss thank you.

Norelle C – Retired


Nearly three months through my four month treatment and I can see lots of little hairs growing. It makes me feel very happy and excited about my journey. Can’t wait to see the results after the fourth month.

Janelle P – Recruitment Officer


Extremely informative confidence building, reassuring appointment.

Carl F – Self Employed


Fantastic! Thank you so much! Feel so positive about a future with nice hair! Carolyn was awesome!

Natasha R – Manager


Good to get a follow-up scope session. Realised a few adjustments were needed. A good session to keep myself on track.

Jasmine S – Student


My Hair was thinning and as much as I thought it was normal something told me it shouldn’t be so. I tried all the products hairdressers had suggested and no change. Purely be accident I was walking past Absolique and thought to myself why not inquire about their products, that was 3 years ago and I am still using their products and will never go backwards. Thanks to Carolyn I have great hair.

Nirmal S – Supervisor


I went for my follow up consultation about five months after I’ve started the treatment and the photos show that my hair is growing back! At times it was hard to stick to the hair washing routine but I’m glad I did it even on those days when I didn’t feel like doing it.

Lisa M – Reception


I have been on the program for 8 months and have noticed some great results. Only half way there but sticking with it. The girls are wonderful to deal with at Absolique as well.

Sarah T – Safety Advisor


I was having hair loss problems again after 6 months but Carolyn was very supportive and encouraged me not to give up. I am not losing as much this time so I am willing to fix the problem again.

Mansi A – Student


Scope results tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I’ve done my homework!

Lisa F – Office Manager


All I can say is the past 4 months have been a milestone in my life and a huge learning curve. My hair continues to grow every day and I have my wellbeing and health back, along with finding my inner confidence again! I am forever grateful to Carolyn, and I am so glad the universe pointed me in the right direction. I could only say to anyone who reads this that if you need help, do not hesitate, it is the best move I made in taking control and getting my hair and health back!

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Half way through the treatment programme Persisting with the routine and remaining disciplined with the nutritional supplements. Finding the PHs quite difficult to shift. Constantly hovering around the 6.0 – 6.2 mark. Now visual results as yet. Remaining hopeful.

Todd C – Sports Manager


Got my last scope session done last week; almost ready for the comparison meeting. So excited! Having thicker, more healthy hair and a clean scalp is amazing; but comparing it to the scalp I had when I first found Absolique will be fun!

Stephen R – General Manager


As always great service and look forward to my next treatment.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


My pH has been better now that I’m starting to focus on it again. I slackened off the past couple of weeks getting into the same old routine. I’ve noticed again that it becomes extremely alkaline whenever I drink cider. This doesn’t make much sense at the moment because to me I’m drinking a processed (bad!) alcoholic (double bad!) drink. So I went back to doing some more experiments on my pH levels again. Such as cutting out dairy (which seems to make a small amount of difference, probably because I wasn’t having much dairy to begin with, only a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or some milk in my tea). I also started cutting out bread (not carbs, just bread you buy at the bakery) – now this seemed to do a bit. Not that I was eating bread too often, about 1 or 2 times a week for a sandwich, but my body became happier when I eliminated it altogether. On another hand, I also found that my sleeping habits didn’t really affect my ph. Whether I get 9 or 5 hours sleep, it didn’t make much of a difference. So I can almost eliminate that. My stress levels and relaxation levels are the next to monitor. I took a weekend off and headed to the beach on the weekend and did absolutely no work whatsoever. Now I need to have a couple of stressful days of just hard-core work to see if that makes a difference. Oh and just as a sidenote, my diet is fairly balanced (well I think so anyway. It might not be!). I don’t drink any energy drinks whatsoever, literally just water and sometimes on the odd occasion cider or tea. Nothing else. My food still only consists of red and white meat (beans and eggs for protein as well as a substitute), plenty of veggies, fruit, sometimes carbs like rice in a stir fry or spaghetti Bolognese. If I don’t feel like a heavy pasta dish I’ll have 9 Grain Crackers with avo, tomato and Parmesan cheese on them. I try to be very controlled with any other foods such as freshly baked cakes or chocolate bars or ice cream, etc. So much so that I’ve made a deal with myself to force me to stay away off the junk food until Christmas (or some exception-type day like my birthday!). It helps me stay motivated in healthy eating. Plus I am also keeping it relatively ‘normal’ eating so that I can see what exact foods are affecting my pH! It makes it easier for my body to deal with. My exercise is average but I do exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Which brings me to my next query. What if some of the pills and lotions/sprays that I am taking for my hair treatment are alkaline themselves? Or maybe they could be acidic? For example when I wash my hair and do the needle brush therapy. Are those liquids alkaline or acidic? I suppose in the end, the body needs both to function properly. I took a blood test at the beginning of my treatment before I started, and I will take one when I finish to see if any of my levels changed. That will be interesting! I will keep you posted on it when I do!

Robin – Musician


Nearing towards the end of my clinic treatments and must say I am looking forward to the final assessment and then moving forward on my own journey forward post re growth of hair!! It has all been worth it but looking forward to and hoping to be able to cut back on tablets and products.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


I’ve noticed a difference again this week. My hair is thicker and certainly the coverage over my scalp is better as well. It’s just two more weeks to go for the sessions so I’m very curious to see if all this hard work pays off!

Rose – IT Consultant


Best part of the treatment is the brush therapy. Absolutely love it!!!

Jenny W – Professional


1 more treatment to go in the clinic! Very excited and looking forward to the scope in another 6 weeks’ time!! Feeling really happy with the progress of my hair and there has definitely been a big change! It has been a success and a journey that has been so worthwhile.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant



It’s nearing the end of my official 4 month treatment and I have seen good improvement with my hair. I am hoping I don’t have to take all of the health pills after I finish the cycle. But who knows. Fingers are crossed anyway! I am looking forward to getting the scope done and seeing just how my scalp is doing too. Hopefully my hair won’t go backwards. I definitely have plenty of questions for my last treatment!

Robin – Musician


Fantastic team at Absolique! Hair still growing strong. Look forward to microscope session in a few weeks.

Amy L –Pharmacy Assistant


Had my second last session this week. I’m definitely seeing progress but I’m beginning to realise that I do have a long way to go. But better late than never I suppose!

Rose – IT Consultant


It’s only 1 month until I get my end of treatment scope done. I can’t wait to see what my hair and scalp feel and look like. I have noticed a difference which I’m happy with. it all comes down to time, doing the treatment and persistently taking the pills.

Robin – Musician


I had a huge amount of trepidation about my hair, and sought out the professional advice of the team at the clinic. Whilst I still experience some anxiety, the team and in particular Carolyn, provided a compassionate, and understanding environment in which I felt I could talk openly and look to address my concerns

Todd C – Sport Manager


Always a pleasure to get my weekly treatment done. See you soon!

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


About to attend my last treatment later today – am quite relieved I’ve managed to get through the 12 weeks – am looking forward to the final scope session!

Nicole S – Finance


I took a lot out of my consultation last week. I really like their relaxed and yet informative session. You don’t feel any pressure into anything straight away, and you are given options. They tell you what is happening and show you, on your head why it is happening and what we can do about it. I love how they approach it all. You can tell they want to help you and see the results. After that consultation I was sent home with a whole pile of information to read through about pretty much everything discussed in the meeting. This is great too because they allow time to process all of the knowledge and information they share and teach you. No pressure. I like that the most. Very good experience. Thank You.

Nathan H – Magician/Actor


Great team, awesome results! See you today!

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


It has been 6 weeks since I first met with Carolyn and started treatment. The condition of my existing hair (which was very light and fly away) has improved a lot thanks to using Activance as well as doing the brush therapy and scalp cleanse. I have not yet seen any new thicker strands of hair growing but hopefully that will start to show in the next few weeks. The vitamin therapy is a bit of hard work but totally worth it if it means I’ll have healthy hair! I have decided to do the ‘in-salon’ treatment once a month to give myself a break and then do the rest at home. I must admit, the in-salon treatment is so much more enjoyable (the at-home weekly treatment is a bit stressful!) and the staff are both professional and friendly.

Charmaine D – Home Duties


So I had my last session in salon session. It’s been a real journey. I can’t wait to see what my results look like. People have noticed my hair and have said it looks really good now. It’s very exciting!

Rose – IT Consultant


It’s only 1 month until I get my end of treatment scope done. I can’t wait to see what my hair and scalp feel and look like. I have noticed a difference which I’m happy with. It all comes down to time, doing the treatment and persistently taking the pills.

Robin – Mucisian


I had 3 people comment on my hair last week asking what I had done to it and that it looked different and very healthy and shiny! Of course I accepted the compliment and they were none the wiser, but I certainly had a very big secret smile all over my face! A Big Thank you to the team at Absolique!

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


I don’t know if anyone else finds this difficult.. but trying to work the 2nd lot of pills and green drink for the day into my diet can be a bit tricky! I think I’d always prefer chewing on a nice warm steak and salad for lunch instead of taking them.. but then I think of the progress I am making and choose the other option. The other meal will just have to wait until dinner. Isn’t it interesting how just doing this routine consumption of minerals and vitamins forces us to plan ahead more. Even if we take it into a bigger scope of things..planning when to take them if you’re having a dinner out with friends on Friday.. or if you don’t get home from work late at night and you have them at 9pm.. maybe you forgot to have them, or you chose that warm meal instead of them.. simple daily choices that are given to us or that we choose to take on can challenge us, just like committing to this routine can perhaps make our minds stronger in other areas.. “I will go to the gym before I take my pills” or “I will finish writing this article and then eat my lunch”.. little goals like that can make all the difference in productivity! Making our rewards for hard work all that much sweeter. …and so… I religiously take the 2 lots of pills to hopefully reach my desired outcome.

Robin – Musician


Been better with the regime this week! The team got me back on track last visit and addressed my lack of resolve when deviating from a standard work day. Am still looking forward to only having to do treatment once a day though 🙂 Am going to try taking the green drink and pills with almonds tomorrow morning instead of breakfast. If this works and I don’t feel queasy I will continue the trend well past the end of my initial 4 month course. Will be much easier to do the treatments this way if the almonds help my body to avoid feeling ill doing the treatments, especially with nothing in my system after waking up.

Stephen R – General Manager


Friendly staff and helpful. Explain the process in depth which adds to confidence the process will work.

David R – Engineer


Coming up to treatment 6 I think? I’m starting to check my scalp now to see if any new growth is coming through.. there could be some hair follicles about to sprout as there are a few dark pinpoint spots on my scalp so am hoping these are new hairs, time will tell!

Nicole S – Finance


Noticed not only significant hair growth but also the strongest fingernails I’ve ever had.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


I’m getting pretty excited…Karen could apparently see the some tiny hairs growing through…….it gives me motivation to continue with the regimen…..because it is time consuming…..but I’m beginning to see it worth it.

Rose – IT Consultant


This week’s been a bit up and down with the entire pill routine.. I’ve had what feels like a very busy week, and fitting the 2 lots of pills into that schedule has been hard! I still keep it up and don’t fall behind on any, it just feels like a lot more effort this week. I wonder if a busy schedule hinders the hair growing process? Maybe relaxing a bit more would help? I wonder if emotions change the pH?

Robin – Musician


Well time flys when you are having fun…and success! Only 5 more visits left then time for my scope session, which I am very much looking forward to. Finding out last week from Carolyn in regards to food combinations and PH Levels has been very informative and hopefully can give me better results going forward. Again thank you Carolyn and your team for your continued support. It has made this journey so much easier.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Last treatment appointment tomorrow – after this week it will be evaluation time! I am excited to see how much more healthy my hair will be 🙂 I am just as excited about having a clean scalp again to be honest; this scalp cleanser and brush therapy is honestly the best.

Stephen R – General Manager

Have had a couple of comments that my hair is starting to look a bit thicker and shinier. Still early days but it’s positive to know that some people are starting to notice subtle improvements.

Nicole S – Finance


I have suffered severe scaly scalp for the past 3 years, I have tried every product for nothing to work until I was referred by my hairdresser to book an appointment with Caroyln. It was the best thing I could of done.

Alex A


Did Scope Session last time and now looking forward to the results. New Hairs have grown in last 10 months of my treatment and now hoping to get 100% hair back soon.

Nikuni K – Student


Absolutely fantastic service. Going to miss you all when I’m away.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


The real challenge is about to begin; after my last tricology scope session that is. I wonder how difficult it will be to maintain the routine without the endless guidance from the team. That is one of the reasons I did the weekly appointments at the clinic! I suppose the results will be the inspiration moving forwards 🙂

Stephen R – General Manager


This past week has been pretty average with my eating habits. I have not even tried to eat as alkaline as I can and my pH shows it, being between 5.5-6.0 on average. My sleep has been ok, and I missed one pill taking session on the 13th of Sept, which was a Saturday afternoon. The head and scalp treatment is going really well though, I keep that at a consistent 2-3 times a week when I wash my hair. I think I need to just restructure my diet a little and go back to eating more salads! My body’s probably crying out for it too.. so here’s to that extra 15 minutes in the kitchen.

Robin – Musician


I think it’s now week 7 and I’m halfway. There’s definitely progress but I’m still impatient. I feel good about my hair even wore a hat and didn’t worry about hat hair!

Rose – IT Consultant


Seem to be at a bit of a plateau. 4 more visits to the clinic. PH has been very average and seems a never ending struggle to get it in the correct zone! But onwards and upwards and determined to get it right! One thing I can definitely say is that things are certainly better than what they were 2 months ago.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Good Morning Ladies, Now that I have just about come to the end of my journey with you I must tell you how happy I am with the results achieved so far. I am amazed at my new hair growth even though it will be a while before I have the full amount of hair that I desire. It will come with time, I have no doubt. Thank you once again for the professionalism, knowledge and lots of laughs I have received over the last 4 months. Sandra

Sandra D – Retired


I presented into the clinic feeling self conscious of my hair thinning and almost accepted the fact I would never have luscious locks like I did in my teenage years. But after my consultation with Carolyn, I had gained new knowledge and motivation to get to the root of the cause of my hair thinning and the good news is it’s potentially reversible! Carolyn is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, you can have complete trust in her! The microscopic examination of my scalp and hair during my first consult proved to be such a helpful tool in understanding how my hair is structured and any scalp abnormalities. Thank you Carolyn! Looking forward to learning about how to look after my hair and scalp 🙂

Jessica R – Admin Officer


Last week I missed one session of pills due to terrible eating habits and not feeling hungry enough to take them. This week has been much better.. I feel less hungry and am controlling my intake of food a little more and not going crazy. Sometimes that’s really hard to do, especially if something delicious is in front of me! My pH is getting back up to its normal reading of 6.4. I feel that my hair is starting to really strengthen, thicken and grow. There’s definitely a difference when I look at it and brush through it. I’m about half way through my 4 month treatment so hopefully my hair doubles its success rate again by then. I think I’m going to be happy with my hair at the end of this. The hard part is keeping up the looking after it part and making sure I keep up healthy habits like eating and exercising and treatment, etc. Onwards and upwards!

Robin – Mucisian


Its been another week – given that work is busy, its becoming difficult to stick to the plan – but im trying and so far its been ok. R

Rose – IT Consultant


I had had an itchy scalp and sometimes also on the nape of my neck for about 2 years. I had been to several doctors who said it was seborrheic determitis and had prescribed products all containing steroids which didn’t help. In June my hairdresser told me about tricologists which I’d never heard of. So after some internet research I found Carolyn and her clinic and saw her early July. After an examination she said it wasn’t dermatitis at all , just flake and was relatively easy to fix. So I started using her Scalp Cleanser and Activance and it all cleared up within a couple of weeks. I am so grateful to Carolyn and would recommend her to anyone else with scalp problems.

Sandra T – Retired


I was devastated by my thinning, listliss hair but after my treatment at Absolique the regrowth and condition of my hair is fantastic. Thanks to Carolyn and staff for their dedication and care. Jocelyn

Jocelyn D – Retired


Well my hair over the past couple of weeks seems to have taken off!! I am just over the 2 month mark now. I can really see a difference in the thickness and the see new growth. Very very happy!

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


My hair is now thicker, shinier, healthier … I’m happy 🙂

Heather O – Admin Manager


Who knew that vitamins and minerals play such a importance to healthy hair growth…. but I Absolique do now 😉

Craig M – Self Employed


Few hairs coming through around the hairline, fingers crossed there’ll be growth around the crown area etc at the 12 week mark!

Nicole S – Finance


I’m pretty sure it’s my 10th treatment later today. I don’t have anything to report yet but fingers crossed that these last 10 weeks of following this programme will reveal some results, fingers crossed.

Nicole S – Finance


Only 2 more clinic appointments to attend and then that is my 3 month mark. Have really noticed an amazing change in my hair and are so glad I was able to commit to Absolique to help me on my journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and have the proof on my head to prove it works! Thank you to Karren, who is a breath of fresh air to catch up with every week, and the remainder of the team who are always happy, helpful and supportive.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


My ph was all over the place…. I guess it’s a good think I’m taking the green drink, which isn’t so bad. Am noticing more and more improvement which is really good. Only 2 more weeks to go….. People are also beginning to notice which is really nice.

Rose – IT Consultant


Good Morning Ladies, Karren looked after me last week and I was very happy with her professional approach to my treatment. She did a very good job.

Sandra D – Retired


Great to know the girls are capable of a laugh, came into clinic with a wig on saying how impressed I was with my treatment so far. Mental note to self, tilt head back properly in shower to avoid tonic going in eyes. Also wear glasses during application of re-Stim, as I missed the bottle and tipped half of it out! Oopps. Great team at Absolique, look forward to in clinic next week, thank you ladies.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


I am now in my 7th month of maintenance. I still can’t believe what a difference the treatment has made. My hair is considerably thicker since starting the treatment and now I have noticed even more new growth. I have thrown out all of my old thickening lotions as I certainly will never need them again!

Natalie K – Sales Manager


I have just completed the first week of my journey. In regard to my wellbeing I do feel better from taking the drink and tablets. I had previously had the flu for 10 days and feel these have boosted my immune system immensely and helped me recover a lot faster than usual. If this is one week I am very excited about the coming months. Thanks again to Carolyn and her team for their help, support and encouragement.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Just changed the kitchen sink tap over to a Brita water filter system (WD3030). Relatively easy to install, and now I don’t have to keep filling up the old water filter jug we were using in the fridge. Filtered water on tap! Besides being good for your pH filtered water is also great for cooking! Much more cost effective and convenient than renting water filters etc. Changing our lifestyle slowly but surely 🙂

Stephen R – General Manager


I am in my second week of the re-growing hair program with Absolique and the one thing that is getting slightly better is the routine of it all. There are still a few forgetful moments, like brushing my scalp, but I’m getting there. The natural pill supplements are easier to take some days than others, but either way, they’re still being taken, so I don’t miss out on taking those. And apparently only 4 weeks until I can start to see visual progress on my head, so until then. Keep going.

Robin – Musician


Back on the (acid) buffer after a long spell. Ran out of product and then kind of forgot about that step! Everything else going to plan. Have started the new Prostate formulation too.

Sandy M – Business Manager


First consult with Carolyn last Friday and it was promising to hear that my hair issues are reversible. Looking forward to getting started and seeing some results in due course. So far, I’ve had my programme induction and one treatment, due for my second treatment today. I’m getting used to the homecare routine – it takes me about 45minutes to do if I’m organised and have everything ready, so it’s not too bad really. The green drink isn’t too bad; I’m finding it easier to drink it in 3 mouthfuls and get it down quickly. Very early days so nothing to exciting to report but we’ll see how it all goes!

Kristen – Finance


Uber stressful week, terrible pH levels. Just could not get out of the mid 5’s. Here’s hoping a good weekend remedies the trend. Next week will be better! Thanks 🙂

Stephen R – General Manager


So very sorry to hear that Lena is leaving the salon but wish her all the very best in her new endeavour. I’m sure her replacement will be fine as all the girls are very well trained.

Jenny W – Professional


Barrel of laughs along with fabulous service. Wonderful team and I look forward to my next treatment. Almost lost the lid to my Tonique down the drain but lightning fast reflexes and grabbed it the nick of time!

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


Week 4 and there’s not much just yet to report. However I am enjoying going to the salon and getting the in store treatment done. The girls there are quite good and sensitive to the whole hair issue which is important to me. There’s a lot of stigma attached to not having hair.

Rose – IT Consultant


I have finish my program and my hair is thick. I don’t have a full set of hair on my head, but I can see the places that didn’t have hair having little tiny hairs growing back. I’m going to obviously stick with this program and to see where it takes me which I feel a lot of hair, can’t wait to get my microscope photos to see and compare with the old.

Martin P – Service Attendant


I am now just beginning the 3rd week of my treatment. I am really happy with the changes to date and my PH now has a steady 7.0 which I am quite astonished by in such a short time. I am very glad I went with the option of weekly visits to the clinic as it is great to have the guidance, monitoring and all my questions answered on a weekly basis. My sincere thanks again to the team.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


It was enlightening to see what is happening to my scalp. Thank you.

Vanessa L – Unknown           



3 weeks in and there’s not really too much to report. The routine of it all continues to get better. The pills still don’t taste any better. My pH is still consistent, but I’m going to play around with what I eat this week and see what makes a difference. This could be interesting.

Robin – Musician


Having my 3rd treatment later today – enjoying the downtime during the treatments. Have started noticing I have a bit more energy; hopefully from the supplements. It can be a bit of a pain taking the supplements day and night but have gotten into a routine now.

Kristen – Finance


My last appointment is on Tuesday next when I receive the results from my scope session. The results from my treatment has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier, and I look forward to further improvement as the weeks go by. A few months ago I couldn’t have imagined the improvement in my hair. Carolyn I just can’t thank you enough you are amazing. Lena thank you for my enjoyable weekly sessions, I will miss seeing you every week. Thank you all.

Judith H – Nurse


After years of living with hair shedding, Absolique is offering my new ideas and giving me hope. Thanks.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


I visited Absolique last week for an irritated scalp and hair loss. I was shown how to take care of my scalp and have not experienced any itchiness since. Came away with great products specific to my problem, I feel confident that in a few months from now I will have a beautiful head of hair again. I wish I had visited Carolyn sooner, she is an expert in her field.

Lida Z – Home Duties


Got 6.4 this morning! Highest measurement in weeks. Feeling good! Only 3 more visits to go until my review, will keep trying to get my levels in check 🙂

Stephen R – General Manager


So I’m starting to see results this week! I can’t see new hair growing just yet, but it’s stopped falling and my hair is looking thicker, positive results! Guess it’s giving me the motivation to continue with the treatment, it’s a hassle but I am beginning to see it working!

Rose – IT Consultant


Week number 4 of my treatment. Has been hard last week to keep my PH in the correct zone! Otherwise all is going well. My hair is feeling good and is definitely in a lot better condition. Hopefully it is doing what it should below the surface!! As always looking forward to my Friday Clinic session.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


Ok, another week down (treatment 4 tomorrow) and I am definitely noticing I have more energy and feel sharper and less foggy since taking the supplements. No change to my hair yet but the burning sensation I usually get from time to time seems to have stopped which is promising.

Kristen – Finance


Excited to see visible new hair growth. Yay, thanks ladies for the wonderful efforts to date. I look forward to future results.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant


Good Morning Ladies, after talking with Lena last visit I re-read my Easy pH booklet. Well worth the read again because I had forgotten much of what was in the book and it is very informative.

Sandra D – Retired


Absolique is a market leader when it comes to advice and treatment for hair loss. I recommend anyone talk to Carolyn if they are looking for ongoing support and real results.

Anthea P – Home Keeper


I haven’t noticed any difference with my hair, however realistically I don’t think new hair is going to visibly sprout out in just 4-5 weeks. Patience, patience.

Kristen. Finance


Need to up my game with stress reduction, improve emotional food binges and hope to see better pH results in future. Amazing how everything effects our body. Roll on 7.35-7.45 pH, you can do it! Wonderful team at Absolique, always look forward to my weekly in clinic treatment.

Amy L. Pharmacy Assistant


We’re still seeing some progress, though I haven’t seen any new hairs yet, but certainly things have stopped falling as much which is a relief. Little things like photos and selfies look better and I’m beginning to feel more confident… getting impatient slightly but I know these things take time and I need to keep at it…this is a lot easier than said when you’ve been unwell!

Rose – IT Consultant


My 5th week in and not too much to update on really. Still finding it hard to keep my PH levels up, but otherwise still keeping with the programme and weekly visits to the clinic. Hoping everything is doing what it should and the truth will be told when I have my scope session at the end!!

Tracie K. Personal Assistant


Good Morning Ladies, I realise how important it is to make sure the roller is free of hair for maximum function.

Sandra D. Retired


I am a Central Queenslander of Grandmother status in my late 60’s and have noticed thinning of my head of hair over the past couple of years. I had made mention of my concerns to my hairdresser of 25 years but she did not wish to acknowledge what to me was becoming more apparent. I am also a cancer survivor from 1985 when my Mother suggested that chemotherapy had proven “a wonderful treatment” for my hair so post-surgery/treatment was not a problem at the time; however, there has been much family trauma in the past few years (our family did the reverse of 4 Weddings and a Funeral in a period of 5 years which was devastating in a family of 6 – must have been the Irish in this O’Sullivan family) and no doubt this has been a contributing factor to the health of my hair. After hearing a Caroline Evans-Frost interview on regional ABC radio, I have this month had a consultation with Caroline Evans-Frost of Absolique and immediately adopted the program in the HOPE of restoring my hair to a healthily volume….neither can I afford to lose time on the “life clock” in grasping this opportunity! I also agree that the green drink as part of the treatment is yuck but the Irish and the shamrock thing are part of my life and I will stick to the green drink commitment to achieve the goal. My comments to friends in discussing this chosen hair treatment are “over the next 4 months watch this space!”

Roslyn N. Real Estate Agent


Another week of treatments – it’s getting to be ok now and even the green drink isn’t so vile! I’m finding that there are other benefits to all the vitamins I’m taking including better nails and skin. My hair does feel better as well!

Rose – IT Consultant


Another fabulous in clinic treatment. Obvious new hair growth. Look forward to next session.

Amy L. Pharmacy Assistant


I am so glad I found Absolique hair health clinic! Carolyn was so understanding and listened to my whole story of what had happened to my hair. She really listened to me and genuinely cared. She told me so much information on my hair that I never would have known if I didn’t make that appointment with her. I strongly recommend anyone with any concerns on their hair to make an appointment it will take away all your worry and stress!

Louise B. Pharmacy Assistant

It’s been over 3 months since I started taking treatment. I could see lots of hair growing on my scalp. Waiting for the microscope session to see how much growth happened and how more to come.

Thanuja S – Home Duties 



My hair is so much better. I don’t stress about it at all anymore. Not only is it looking healthy, the hair fall has stopped oh and I LOVE Activance!! 🙂

Heather O – Admin Manager


My final treatment is coming up & it’s come to the end of my salon treatment. Looking forward to seeing results with Carolyn at the final assessment.

Alexandra T – Student 



The best part was seeing my hair under the microscope and better understanding what the problem was and then how to fix it.

Josie J – Pharmacist


I am very happy to show people my new hair growth and recommend Absolique to those that are interested.

Sandra D – Retired 


Into my 4th week and cannot seem to get my Ph anywhere near 7, even with religiously applying acid buffer. Will try slightly longer sleep cycles, but wondering if the time we eat dinner can affect the result?

Stephen R – General Manager


Still battling to get more than one really green alkaline reading each week, but all is well!

Sandy M – Business Manager


I am now in my 6th month of maintenance and I have been sticking to the oral supplements and hair regime meticulously. I still can’t believe what an excellent result I am getting. My ‘old hair’ is starting look more noticeable as being unhealthy compared to the new growth. The amount of maintenance to keep my hair looking good for longer between styling has reduced.

Natalie K – Sales Manager


When Lena was doing the brush therapy, she said that she could feel and see lots of new hair growth. Very happy!!

Jenny W – Professional


I always enjoy my appointments and hallelujah there was more of Carolyn’s miracle conditioner this made me very happy! I received so many compliments on my shiny hair.

Rebecca M – Office Admin


I believe I have been following the treatment for a month now, I notice my hair more thicker and my barber even complemented on my hair.

Martin P – Service Attendant 


I have only two more sessions left before my scope session. I am very happy with my results so far, my hair is much thicker and it’s looking healthier. I’m so glad I found Absolique Hair Health Clinic, as it has made such a difference to my life and self-esteem. Thank you Carolyn, Lena and girls.

Judith H – Nurse 


My hair structure has changed. It is so soft and shiny.

Heather O – Admin Manager 



First consult with Carolyn last Friday and it was promising to hear that my hair issues are reversible. Looking forward to getting started and seeing some results in due course.

Kristin – Finance


I stumbled across Carolyn and her team purely by accident when searching for help for my hair loss on the internet in desperation about six months ago. I had pretty much given up. I had been to two trichologists, a nutritionist, a thyroid doctor, a dermatologists and a psychologist over the past four years trying to figure out what was wrong with my hair. I had always had fine hair but lots of it and used to take pride in it often wearing it out long and straight although it was naturally quite curly. About four years ago it started to fall out in handfuls when I lost a lot of weight under stressful circumstances. After about six months it slowed a bit but then it fell sort of on and off for the next four years and never seemed to grow back. It started thinning a lot at the temples and it had lost its curl. It was quite thin and I couldn’t do anything with it at all. I just wore it in a ponytail with a headband. I lost a lot of confidence and didn’t feel myself. When I saw one of Carolyn’s videos online I immediately knew she would be able to help. The way she talked about the scalp and the treatments before and her natural approach I thought I would give things one last shot. During my consultation with her in Sydney Carolyn told me through using her microscope that she didn’t think my hair was falling much but rather than 90 percent of my hair wasn’t growing properly!!!!! It was so refreshing to hear that it wasn’t all in my head and even better that I could take control and do something about it!! After a trip to Brisbane for my before shots I learn all the techniques such as how to look after my scalp. I then followed the home care program for four months. It was hard at times but I stuck with it and I enjoyed learning to love my hair again! I had my four month scope session last week and the results are amazing. I thought I my hair had changed but seeing the comparisons confirmed it! So many new hairs and thicker healthier hairs! Carolyn is a legend and her team are amazing and helpful! My supplements can now be taken once a day and I only need to do treatment 1-2 times a week with the microneedle. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to Carolyn and her revolutionary approach. I would recommend her to anyone and am happy to share my story. I can’t wait for more and more results!! Thanks Carolyn and team for all you amazing work!!!!!

Lauren P – Occupational Therapist 



Good Morning Ladies, Well I went to my hairdresser on Friday and even she was excited about my new hair growth. She was asking lots of questions about the treatment so she can spread the word to her other ‘needy’ clients. The slightly darker colour seems to accentuate my scalp a bit though.

Sandra D – Retired


Friendly service and got a referral to a great hairdresser.

Josie J – Pharmacist 


I have lil hairs growing here & there not sure if they will last & stay strong and grow longer and past the breaking point I usually have. My crown still feels very weak & fine and in general we’ll wait and see.

Alexandra T –Student 

I was pleasantly surprised by the highly professional service I received at the Absolique Hair Health Clinic (Brisbane).  Welcoming assistants upon arrival and a clean premises.  Working in the health care industry myself I value professionals in the field to adopt a holistic approach to a solution which is exactly how Carolyn presented a “where to from here” guideline in the initial consultation.  Had my complimentary follow up appointment today and again, flawless service!  Keep up the fantastic work ladies and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant 

The customer service at Absolique is 5 stars. They never forget the simple things you like when your there for your treatment. And very friendly and don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Martin P – Service Attendant

It’s been over 3 months since I started taking treatment. I could see lots of hair growing on my scalp. Waiting for the microscope session to see how much growth happened and how more to come.

Thanuja S – Home Duties

I have now completed my weekly appointments and I’m very very happy with the results. I could not have believed how much my hair has improved in this short time, to me it is incredible. My scope session is coming up shortly and I’m very anxious to see the comparison. Thank you Carolyn, Lena and girls from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful.

Judith H – Nurse

I am now up to my last appointment prior to my scope session. My hair is looking and feeling so good, and I have my self-esteem back again I am so very happy with the results. Carolyn is so knowledgeable and an expert in her  field. Many thanks Carolyn, Lena and girls, I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every visit.

Judith H – Nurse

I have been taking my ‘pills and potions’ for about 9 weeks now but I sincerely hope that the green drink doesn’t play a huge roll in the grand plan for my hair.  It is the one thing that I have trouble with and doubt that I will continue with long-term. After all this time….. YUK!

Sandra D – Retired 

As always the team was very accommodating this session; this may be the 7th time I’ve rescheduled in as many weeks lol. Thankyou ladies for the first class customer experience!Thanks 🙂

Stephen R – General Manager

It’s only week 2 and I’m already becoming impatient with my hair! Still I know that I need to stick at it and I’m hoping I get really good results. My scope session last week showed how much damage there was and I find that quite confronting. Let’s see how the next few weeks progress!

Rose – IT Consultant

Hi, my name is Robin and I’ve just started a 4 month program with Absolique Hair Health Clinic to restructure and re-grow hair at the top of my head. It’s been quite fine for some time and there hasn’t been a lot of it since I was in high school.. so I thought I’d research a bit more about it and find out what I could do about it. I read many pages on the internet about getting laser/implants for my hair and eventually I came across Absolique. They didn’t do a laser treatment.. I was intrigued, so I read more about them and eventually gave them a visit. During the initial consultation we discussed my situation, what we could do about it, and what Absolique offers. Their results seemed legitimate so now I’m doing their 4 month plan to grow more hair. I’m only 1 week into it so we’ll see how the program goes. I can tell you now though, that altogether the ‘medication’ (minerals and antioxidant tablets) I have to take for the program does not taste like chocolate cake.. but the women in charge assure me it will give me good results. Getting used to consuming them often and consistently, as well as now having a new ‘how to wash your hair in the shower’ routine is a bit of a challenge, but with time it will (hopefully) become easier.

Robin – Musician 

This week will be especially tough; have a work conference so will be ducking up to my room during breaks for the glorious green drink and supplements lol. Not quite at the halfway point yet – can’t wait until September / October so that we can start seeing initial extra growth results!

Stephen R – General Manager 

Had first in clinic last week. Informative assistants. Now adapting to home treatment and taking that spectacular tasting green drink!

Amy L – Pharmacy Assistant

My hair is feeling a bit dead at the ends but think it’s due for a trim. Can’t believe I’m at the end of my treatment. So glad my hair is growing.

Heather O – Admin Manager 

Hi guys, Not so much feedback but a bit of progress check. Been battling to shake the flu this week and have had to go on antibiotics. It’s been a doozie!

Sandy M – Business Manager 

Little hairs are starting to come back. And my hair is 10 times thicker than it was.

Martin P – Service Attendant 

The staff was very friendly and Carolyn was great. Very re-assuring and knowledgeable. I am just starting my program but I am feeling very hopeful. Thanks!

Lisa B -Business Manager

I was instantly put at ease with Carolyn’s kind, compassionate and knowledgeable manner. I found physiologically I was in a much better space once I had taken the first step and put my faith in Carolyn to help me with my hair loss. I am very positive and looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months.

Tracie K – Personal Assistant


I had my final in clinic treatment and am just blown away at my results. I can’t believe, how much new growth I have and am definitely looking forward to the final results.

Alix G – Social Worker 

The green drink isn’t getting any easier 🙁 but my hair is feeling a little fuller, now I just can’t wait for it to fill in a bit more in the front.

Heather O – Admin Manager 

Okay week twelve. I have had a few comments this week that my hair looks really good. I have noticed up the top of my hair where it has grown thicker my curls are tighter and my hair is definitely a lot stronger now. Going for a haircut today so hopefully my hairdresser will see a difference in my hair. I’m tempted to get my hair cut shorter so my hair will look thicker but I’ll look like a poodle head lol so I just need to be patient. It’s going to be strange not going into the clinic for the next few weeks. I’ve gotten a bit use to my pampering and chats. I have learnt a lot about myself over the past couple of months, always good to keep learning and to keep improving oneself. Now to count down the weeks to find out how successful the treatment has been and where to now 🙂 Thanks.

Tracey D – Designer

Hi, I would like to appreciate the hospitality of your clinic. Customer service is good and I always enjoyed the time I spent in your clinic from past 2 months.

Thanuja S – Home Duties 

Appreciate the personalised attention that is important when dealing with such sensitive issues as hair loss.

Anthea P – Home Keeper

Although I am finding the routine of hair/scalp care and vitamin/mineral taking relatively easy whilst at home I am concerned as to how dedicated I will be when traveling. There is a lot to do so I truly hope I can keep up the regime to get the maximum benefit. I’m certainly tolerating the ‘green drink’ easier than I thought I would.

Sandra D – Retired 

I had my hair health check/ first consultation with Carolyn and although it was a lot of information to take in Carolyn was very informative, personable and understanding. She spent a lot of time helping me understand any concerns or questions that I had making me feel a whole lot more comfortable about my situation. Looking forward to my program kick off!

Christina B – Personal Assistant 

My hair is definitely stronger, less hair left behind on hair brush and as a nice side effect even my eye lashes feel stronger and nourished – must be all the nutrients!

Rani S – Bank Officer 

Keeping calm, trying to grow hair!

Sandy M – Business Manager

I am now at least half way through my treatment program and already seeing results, my hair certainly looks and feels much better.  Once again a colleague and friend  who has just returned from holidays has commented on the new growth around my hair line and the thickness of my hair, I was able to let her feel my hair without cringing as I would usually do. I am due to go to my hairdresser today for a trim and colour, and as it is a month since my last appointment I will be interested in her comments. I am so pleased with the results and my confidence is returning, I am so looking forward to seeing the full results after completing my treatment. Thank you Carolyn and girls.

Judith H – Nurse

Really happy with the growth of my hair. Thanks Absolique!!

Jenny W – Professional 

I’m very glad I discovered Absolique, the staff are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about all things to do with hair, I have learned a lot. Compared to when I first came to Absolique, I have seen good results with my hair.

Anita F – Curator

My hair getting thicker, I can also see my hairline has changed considerably. There is a thick block of hair at the temples which was thin before. Happy with the results. Definitely happy with my investment!

Rani S – Bank Officer

Thanks team for the research you did in support of Danielle.

Sandy M – Business Manager 

Carolyn was fabulous, and explained everything so comprehensively. I now have a lot more knowledge about my own hair and look forward to working with the Absolique team.

Sarah H – Radio Presenter

I had my 9th treatment at Absolique last Friday. Had a good time and best treatment ever. 3 more weeks to go to see the results. I’m excited to see the results in microscope.

Thanuja S – Home Duties

I love the red light therapy, it’s so relaxing. Can’t believe I’m nearly half way through!!

Heather O – Admin Manager 

Good morning my hair angels. Scope and comparison sessions completed with Carolyn. Overall a pretty good effort for 4 months of intense work. My hair strands are definitely thicker and strengthening and there is some good growth in the front, but there is still a lot more work to do in the top and back area, as well as strengthen the new growth. Whilst I would have liked to have seen more improvement, the fact that I have any at all certainly outweighs my impatience! Looking forward to the maintenance mode for the next 6 months and then follow up scope and comparison.

Mel W – Project Manager 

I had my first in clinic session this week. Again very informative as I was talked through each process. The scalp needling wasn’t half as scary as I thought it was going to be. Slowly getting use to the home supplements and hair treatment. Hopefully I won’t have to think twice about it and it just become a part of my normal routine. And the green drink isn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be!

Christina B – Personal Assistant 

I am almost half way through my treatment course and feel very pleased with the results so far, my hair is shiny and healthy and I have noticed the curl is starting to replace the frizz. I continue to receive positive comments from colleagues some who have no idea I’m having treatment. I look forward to my weekly appointments, Lena is wonderful and very knowledgeable and makes every appointment very relaxing. I appreciate the professionalism and privacy afforded to me at each visit, therefore there is no embarrassment or reluctance to present to my appointments. Thank you Carolyn, Lena and girls.

Judith H – Nurse

Hi guys, bit of dandruff…any tips? See you next week.

Sandy M – Business Manager

I feel like there’s new hair growing. I hope it continues to grow & doesn’t break. I look forward to it growing more & more.

Alexandra T – Student 

My hair just keeps getting better and better, I feel the best I have felt in a long time. The overall health of my hair has changed so much, since 4 months ago.

Alix G – Social Worker 

My mum has noticed how much thicker my hair is at the top and I’m just so happy and can’t wait to see the end result.

Heather O – Admin Manager

This week I saw lot of new hair coming up on my scalp. I have 2 more treatments to go. My hair is now I think stronger than before looking forward for the microscope session to confirm.

Thanuja S – Home Duties 

In clinic sessions are going well. Still getting use to some of the at home program requirements. It does get easier but requires commitment! Probably struggling mostly with the Activance as it make my roots curly every morning and night that I use it requiring re-straightening. Clearly I’m not starting to love my curls yet!

Christina B – Personal Assistant 

It has been 11 weeks and I am feeling healthier and enjoying the positive changes in my hair, skin and nails. Recently told a friend about my last 11 weeks and she is looking forward to getting the hair she wants!

Rani S – Bank Officer 

Really impressed, that it’s about getting to the cause of the issue and not just trying to band aid an issue. It’s about prevention not cure. Only negative is the parking, hate paying $48.00 for under two hours.

Niki S – Real Estate Agent 

My first session was very stressful and emotional but I’m so glad I made that call to Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Every session has been positive, which I look forward to every week, and I am happy with the progress so far. Thanks to Lena for all her advice and positiveness she gives me throughout my treatment sessions.

Judith H – Nurse

My consultation with Carolyn was great! She gave me a personalised plan tailored to my exact needs. Appreciate her time and effort.

Anthea P – Home Keeper 

Happy days! I have new hair. I am very happy that I can see new hair growth.

Sandra D – Retired 

Once you start to see the results, the green drink becomes easier. I get through it so much quicker now because I know it works. I am so glad that I found Absolique because it doesn’t just deal with hair loss topically it treats it from the inside, out without any nasty chemicals or medications.

Heather O – Admin Manager 

Having seen my results from when I first started this journey, it is unbelievable. A complete change with my hair and I can’t wait for the results to keep going.

Alix G – Social Worker

Thanks Carolyn for confirming details of the new prostate product.

Sandy M – Business Manager 

Added the Green Qi and pills to my topical regime on Friday night. Instant increase in pH levels, will see if I can get to the big 7!

Stephen R – General Manager 

Scope results tomorrow. I’m feeling confident. Fingers crossed.

Lisa F – Office Manager 

It will be my last session this week and feeling a bit sad as visiting each week had become part of my routine! I am so happy I decided to make the decision to visit the team for 3 months and a very impressed with the results, service and knowledge I have gained. Carolyn was very honest at the first meeting about what the issue was, recommended process and likely results – honestly the results she predicted sounded too good for such a short amount of time (after worrying about my hair for years!) but she was right and I’m so glad I was wrong! I have my hair which I missed, definitely fuller head of hair, hairline is changed and my hair texture is back to what I remember. Sounds vain to be so worried about ones hair but when it is such an important part of your image/personality I’m so glad I didn’t just accept the changes as permanent and kept looking for the solution – which u found! Thank you to absolique! One very happy customer.

Rani S – Bank Officer

My hair looks and feels great, but I’m still concerned about the sides, it’s certainly like watching grass grow but much slower. I discuses my concerns with Lena at my last appointment and once again her knowledge, professionalism and compassion allayed my concerns. I resisted the earlier option of using x fusion but now thankful that Lena presented this suggestion yet again. I have commenced using the x fusion and I’m ecstatic with the results and look forward to the day when I no longer need to rely on it.

Judith H – Nurse

Finally got my results back and I’m so surprised. I felt my hair was better than before but it’s so cool to see the scope session results. My hair is no longer thin with lots of gaps but nice and strong. The thickness of my hair has increased and I can’t wait to grow my hair out!! The team at Absolique have been very friendly and helpful! They are a great support. I only wished the product prices weren’t so steep but they work!

Mansi A – Student 

I appreciated the professional manner in which I was treated, from the time I arrived at reception. My appointment was “on time”, an important factor when it was part of my work day. Carolyn was friendly, informative and down to earth in her approach. I found her very easy to talk to, and she clearly explained all aspects from diagnosis to future treatments. I look forward to continuing the process in the search for healthy scalp.

Louella S – Teacher 

I have now had 5 in-clinic treatments and each time I have a session I learn something new about my hair and the treatment. The knowledge imparted by the therapist is very valuable and worthwhile. I know some people may not be able to attend the clinic weekly but I highly recommend it as opposed to doing it yourself at home.

Sandra D – Retired 

I’m now at the end of my treatment. I had my analysis done last week so going to find out the results this week. I am really happy with my results, friends, family & my two daughters have made positive comments about my hair looking thicker. After all the money I spent on vitamins & potions I have spent on over the past 4 years I just wish I had done some research about what options were available. I didn’t realise there was a clinic that was suitable for women. Now I’m telling friends & after they have seen my results so far they are eager to repair their hair damage. Thank you to everyone for your patience, positive comments & support during the treatment phase. Now I am more aware of my body I won’t be falling into bad habits again.

Tracey D – Designer

I was very self-conscious about my hair’s health before coming to Absolique for treatment. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but after the first initial session I learned so much about hair health and what factors were potentially affecting my hair’s health that I didn’t know. Looking at the hair physically with the microscope was a really big part of confirming that I was taking the right step, because I could physically see with my own eyes where the problem was. I appreciated the well-rounded approach to health care that was presented to me. On top of considering various topical products, we talked a lot about nutrition and other underlying factors. I was really happy to learn a few tips on very simple things I never questioned, such as hair-brushing and hair-washing techniques. These small details are never quite spelled out anywhere, and so I felt like it was a huge plus to know how to do these very simple things to optimise for a healthier hair. I now use the brush, scalp cleanser and Activance product every day and it has become part of my daily routine. The results showed very quickly and gave me the motivation to persevere with the treatment. I would definitely recommend Absolique to any woman who is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss and is losing self-confidence over it. The results will be quick to show and confidence will return quickly – and the support and resources will continue to be available. Well worth the money.

Lea A – Film 

My husband is so impressed by my thicker hair that he has signed up to the program! He is on week 1 whilst I only have 1 week to go of the 12 week program.

Danielle M – Home Duties 

It’s been 6 weeks now, still getting used to the weird taste of green drink. I haven’t seen too much difference yet. I think it will take few more weeks to see the big difference…looking forward to see that soon.

Thanjula S – Home Duties 

I had my last session with Kate, she has looked after me from the beginning so it’s sad that she is leaving. My session was good, I had bad dandruff as a result if my psoriasis in my scalp flaring up. It’s still itchy & tingling but I can’t seem to pinpoint the issue in my diet since taking the GF & DF commitment. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Alex T- Student 

Feeling positive and no more stressing when it comes to my hair. I look forward to my appointments in clinic because it’s a whole hour just spent on my hair and I leave feeling great with one step closer to getting my hair back. Thank you girls.

Heather O – Administration 

Now it’s been week nine and I can see new hair growing and more friends are making comments and saying how nice my hair looks. Looking forward to my next hair cut as the ends will be trimmed which will make my curls spring up more which will make my hair look thicker and won’t look so see through at the bottom of my hair. My eldest daughter even gave me a compliment in her own way and agreed my hair looks thicker. I gave three more in clinic treatments and then d-day to see where I am at. Thank you again Lena for being very patient with me

Tracey D – Designer 

It is now 6 weeks in and my hair is much softer with many baby hairs now visible. I am so excited to see what changes are awaiting in the next 6 weeks.

Rani S – Bank Officer

Now that I have completed my course of weekly appointments at Absolique, my improvement showed that I no longer needed such frequent weekly appointments and I was also able to cut down on the amount of supplements I was taking. The ladies at Absolique have been so supportive and encouraging as I continue to make progress in improving my hair health therefore I decided to attend the clinic once a month to ensure I was correctly maintaining and constantly improving throughout my routine. The staff have been more than accommodating in this respect and for that I am very grateful. I look forward to viewing even more change in my hair growth and taking small steps towards maintaining my health outside of the clinic.

Zoe C – Administration 

Got my new stock from Neways, stocked up this time with a couple of Green IQ so won’t run for a while.

Kylie H – Insurance Clerk 

I am now in my 4th month of maintenance. All I can say that this has been an amazing experience to see such positive changes in my hair. I have been sticking to the oral supplements religiously and treatment. I get at least 1 comment a week from strangers who tell me how good my hair looks. I am just thrilled with the outcomes.

Natalie K – Sales Manager 

It’s been a great experience so far with Absolique. Thanks to Lena for all the advices you are giving during every treatment.

Thanjula S – Home Duties 

I can’t believe it’s nearly been a month since starting my treatments. Powering through! Time goes so fast.

Heather O – Administration 

Loving the condition of my hair, looking very shiny and healthy. Hair growth has increased. So happy with the results so far.

Rani S – Bank Officer 

Last session left! Even though my hair is not as thick as I wanted… I’ve been told it’s like watching grass grow. However, my hair is not breaking as much as it was before so I am hopeful that if I continue to treat my hair like I was taught then slowly it will get to that point.

Mansi A – Student 

I had my hair health check/ first consultation with Carolyn and although it was a lot of information to take in Carolyn was very informative, personable and understanding. She spent a lot of time helping me understand any concerns or questions that I had making me feel a whole lot more comfortable about my situation. Looking forward to my program kick off!

Christina B – P.A.

After my visit at your clinic I felt relieved to know I wasn’t going bald and there were treatments to help. I found it to be a very knowledgeable experience. The staff were absolutely lovely and happy to answer all of my questions. I look forward to my return visit

 Aleece T – Personal Officer 

For a woman I think losing your hair has to be one of the most emotional, stressful experiences one could ever go through. Desperate for help I contacted Absolique and am so glad I did. I have just started my treatment but already the staff have made me feel reassured and hopeful that I will soon be posting my own amazing before and after photos!

Cara B – Massage Therapy 

I wish I had found Absolique Hair Health Clinic sooner and saved myself years of anguish. My work colleague/friend commented recently on the improvement of my hair and had also noticed the new hairs around my hairline. I am feeling so much more confident in myself and the treatment. I am looking forward to my further visits.

Judy H – Nurse 

I am so pleased with the holistic natural approach to my hair health problems used by Absolique. I just wish I had found the clinic many years ago (instead of going to doctors and the dermatologist to whom they referred me, who only prescribed cortisone and other harmful medicines)!! With the ‘Absolique’ approach I feel I am improving my general health, and am feeling well-nourished and balanced. The topical products I am using are excellent and my hair feels stronger and healthier already, and looks better too – after only a few weeks of use. I love the tingly, fresh, clean feeling after using the scalp cleanser and the Activance spray is wonderful to use too. It is not oily and so does not make hair feel heavy, nor does it have a strong clinical smell as used in many hair products, which can be very unpleasant. It is also great that one has the choice of drying the hair in any manner after use. So far I am very impressed with the services, location and professionalism at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and I look forward to further improvement in my hair quality and growth. Carolyn and staff are very informative and helpful – a big thank you!

Vivienne B – Retired 

Thank you for the “juice tips” and for guidance about how to get into the new groove and routine.

Sandy M – Director 

Over half way now, lots of new hairs and the front of my hairline has hair again, no more scalp visibility. Absolutely love Activance for my hair. Acts as a great leave in condition and helps hair growth!

Rani S – Bank Officer 

I always enjoy my appointment with Sarah and Colette not only did my hair feel and look amazing we have a lot of laughs too! THE DREAM TEAM!

Rebecca M – Auditor 

I’m so very happy, with my results after 3 months. I have a whole new head of hair, would definitely suggest Absolique to anyone with hair thinning challenges.

Alix G – Social worker 

Okay week ten, time has gone by quite quickly. Looking forward to when my hair grows long enough and I will have a thick pony tail when I go to the gym, that hasn’t happened for many years. Thanks to Lena we worked out my pre & post workout powders have been stopping my body absorbing all of my nutrients and minerals because of the artificial sweetener and the soy products used. Not happy but now I know why the hair tonic and other vitamins I was taking wasn’t working. I have been on this protein powder for nearly two years. A bit disappointed in the health shop not picking up on this after I told them I have arthritis as well which makes my body very acidic to start with. Also explains why my pH levels are always crap. So now have a pea protein powder which is high in alkaline. Hope my pH levels improve and the absorption of all the vitamins, greens & the liquid minerals I’m presently taking for the treatment. Shame we didn’t work it out sooner but let’s hope I get a better result after the next month. So anyone who is on the program and is using protein powder please look at the ingredients as you maybe jeopardising your treatment. Thanks Lena for all your help and as always for your patience with me.

Tracey D – Designer


I am seeing some drastic changes in my hair and they just keep coming!! So much new hair. Of everything I’ve tried over the last 4 years, feel relieved that I’ve finally found a treatment that gets results.

Alix G – Social Worker

An encouraging seventh session with Absolique this week. I finally confirmed with one of the girls that my hair has gotten a lot healthier. There are also some new hair coming in but it will take longer for them to grow long and make my hair look thicker.

Mansi A – Student

I had my fourth in clinic treatment this week. I’m still freaking out about washing my hair. I think my hair is looking a bit stronger and no as much hair loss when I wash it. I have the hair washing down pat now so happy about that as I was thinking it was a long process. As always I’ll end on a positive and as I keep saying I can’t wait until I have hair like my beautiful daughters.

Tracey D –Designer

No change in my hair, still looks and feels great, but it’s like watching grass grow – only slower… Using X Fusion for interim coverage has been fantastic, I don’t think I would have coped without it. Each week the area of coverage required is getting less and less. I look forward to the day that I no longer need to rely on it.

Mel W – Project Manager

Hair is feeling stronger and don’t seem to be losing as much which is a relief.

Kylie H – Insurance Clerk

I personally had an amazing first consultation! I thought Carolyn was very personable. I have been struggling with my hair for the last 8yrs and to know that Absolique can help me a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I am about to start my treatment and are extremely excited.

Angel E – Events Manager

The ladies at Absolique are very knowledgeable and helpful. They have made me feel comfortable at such a stressful time! They explain everything in an easy to understand way and are happy to answer all my questions. I’m just starting my journey with Absolique but I’m confident I’m in the right hands.

Susan M – Assistant

My pH is finally returning to normal, it seems a lot more stable than last week although not completely one hundred percent just yet. The new growth around my hairline though is phenomenal!! The hair that is growing in is thick and dark and will hopefully grow to a long terminal length, I can’t wait! So sad that I only have three more sessions with the lovely team left.

Madeline M – Student

My first visit to Absolique was unforgettable. I think it was my luck which took me to this clinic. I’m very thankful to Carolyn for giving me hope and confidence in getting my hair back. I’m looking forward to see positive result and it’s been a great experience so far.

Thanjula S – Home Keeper

I always said I wouldn’t get excited until my scope session, however I went to see my hairdresser on the weekend for a little trim and some ‘grey’ coverage and I had mentioned to her about 9 weeks ago that I was staring my treatment with Absolique, she was intrigued at the time and encouraged me to try it out but not get my hopes up too much – fair comment as most people (including me) would think hair loss is just part of life. Well I’m so excited to say that not only did she comment that there was definitely some growth in the front, there was also a few new hairs through the top and back – and the icing on the cake is she mentioned that my skin looks fantastic and how bright my eyes are (surely a happy side effect from the green drink, vitamins and minerals). A big thanks to the team at Absolique for your positive encouragement every week (and yes now I’m finally getting excited and am starting to see the results!)

Mel W – Project Manager

I had my third in clinic treatment this week. The girls are absolutely lovely & put you at ease straight away. It has been years since I have brushed my hair but I must admit it I am enjoying the laser hair brushing. I’m still freaking out about washing my hair. I’m counting down the days until my hair is going to start looming thicker. I’m still getting down about it & looking at other women’s hair & getting jealous. I will keep moving forward & will do everything I can do for the best results. On a positive and as I keep saying I can’t wait until I have hair like my beautiful daughters.

Tracey D – Designer

One thing that really makes you feel welcomed at Absolique is the relaxing environment and the friendly staff. My sixth session at Absolique was another great experience. I am halfway through!

Mansi A – Student

As I’m entering week 8 of the program I can definitely see the rewards of my efforts with quite a lot of new hair growth. It is really encouraging, rewarding and exciting.

Danielle M – Home Keeper

I feel so good and so many new hairs are popping up everywhere, it’s unbelievable. This is really better than I could ever have expected. So happy with the results and I haven’t even finished yet.

Alix G – Social Worker

I am always so grateful to the team at Absolique for giving me fantastic service and advice. Thank you.

Anthea P – Home Keeper

I had my first in clinic session and it was interesting. The brain freeze procedure and the micro needle were perhaps the strangest techniques but if it means better hair than I don’t mind. I’ve found that I need to buy 1 of the tablets on my next visit as they only last 2 weeks in total. Taking the tablets & oral dosages has been a challenge.

Alex T – Student

My hair has an improved texture and a noticeable difference between the hair close to the scalp and the ends. I’m looking forward to getting the ends trimmed whereas before I was scared to cut too much in case it never grew back! 4 weeks of nutritional supplements and feeling great. Really excited about my hair – once again.

Rani S – Bank Officer

I had my 4th treatment last week by Lena and I truly appreciate her for the way of giving service and the quality treatment. I am looking forward to see good result in the coming weeks.

Thanjula S – Home Keeper

It’s now week seven I can see a slight change in my hair and friends have made comments it looks thicker at the top. I still have the patchy area on the side of my head but understand it is because of new hair growth but doesn’t stop me from freaking out and again I’m a drama queen lol. My youngest daughter made a comment and said my hair looks thicker and she can’t see my bald patch at the back of my head so I’m taking that as a positive that my hair is thickening up and that the treatments are definitely working. I have to thank all the girls for listening to my ramblings when I come in for my in clinic treatments, they are very patient with me. Now onto week eight will I see more changes, we can only hope.

Tracey D – Designer

I usually walk out crying when it comes to talking about my hair & scalp with specialists. I walked out of my consult with Carolyn and for the first time I felt that there was still hope for me & that she will be there every step of the way assisting with her program. I am looking forward to the specialized program 🙂

Alex T – Student

I am now in my 3rd month of maintenance. The results are still exciting as my new hair is so much stronger and thicker. The curl I have now is so much stronger and requires less product to keep it looking good. So glad I kept going through the program.

Natalie K – Sales Manager

I’ve just finished the second week of the program. It’s getting easier as each day goes by, though the green drink is still gross. The best thing to do is put it in a water bottle or protein shaker so you can’t smell it!

Susan M – Assistant

All the tablets that I take for hair growth etc. have helped to improve my skin. Got to love that!!

Jenny W – Professional

Last week of the in clinic sessions, I have mixed feelings this week – I’m really excited that the next stop is my scope session, but also sad that I will miss the weekly mini pamper session with the girls. PH levels this last week have been like a roller coaster – I’m thinking a little stress, lack of sleep and allergies have contributed to this… Hoping this doesn’t impact my hair growth cycle too much but time will tell.

Mel W – Project Manager

After 1 week with Absolique I’m realising this is not just about hair but a journey in understanding general well-being. Getting to know what we need to eat to maintain optimal health. Also wow’ d by concept scalp cleansing. First time I tried this at home my hair has looked the best it has in years. Learning the how is the important part.

Rani S – Bank Officer


For the first time I’ve started to see new hair. This is amazing! Very happy to see the first new hair growth.

Alix G – Social Worker

I’m still growing new hair and my hair feels healthier and looks fuller.

Lisa F – Business Owner

I had a big weekend and all the vitamins and minerals I’m taking definitely helped in feeling well and bouncing back quickly.

Kylie H – Insurance Clerk

I just wanted to say I am so happy I have found a solution to my hair problem. I have spent so much money on vitamins and hair lotions and products the last four years without any success and to be left with the same ongoing problem with thin hair is so embarrassing and I have lost confidence in myself because everyone can see what is wrong with my hair. There is only so much you can do to hide the problem. I am looking forward to having beautiful hair like my daughters…I just hope that does become a reality.

Tracey D – Designer

Scalp sensitivity is still there, but manageable as per previous 2 weeks. Lena mentioned at my last in room session that the little tufts at the front seem to be getting a bit thicker. I really don’t want to get too excited so soon but there does seem to be some progress.

Mel W – Project Manager

I have just completed my 4th week of treatment and my overall health and well being is really great. My pH level is finally alkaline all thanks to the “green” drink!

Danielle M – Home Keeper

I am now in the maintenance phase of the program. My hair is so much thicker with it being curlier than it has been in almost 10 years. My hair dresser is amazed at what an incredible difference the program has made. I still have a long way to go to getting my hair to full length of healthy hair but I am so glad that I started the program.

Natalie K – Sales Manager

It was my third session with Absolique and as usual it was a relaxing experience. After a hard day at uni, I really enjoyed going there and talking to the girls. My hair has improved a lot in only 3 weeks and now I am confident that I am losing less and less hair every week. Along with a great service, I also received some free weight loss ideas!

Mansi A – Student

Once again it was my time of the month so my pH balance was off for most of the week but has been slowly coming back up to normal. My usual stylist Kate was still on holidays and so I had the lovely Lena take care of me. We had the best chat about study and travel and I felt so relaxed and well cared for. All of the staff at Absolique are so much more than hairdressers; they care for you as a person and are willing to share their own stories to help you on your journey. Love coming every week.

Madeline M – Student

So glad to have Lena back. She does the best brush therapy ever!! Really like our chats.

Jenny W – Professional

At the end of my treatments now and am very much looking forward to the final scope sessions to see the results. One of the most enjoyable parts of the treatments is coming in to see the girls every week. What a wonderful team they are and I will miss seeing them all the time!

Tanya D – Teacher

My story begins about a year ago when I noticed my hair looked thin and sort of fluffy. Looking more closely I could see the individual hairs were quite a bit thinner than they used to be. My hairdresser at the time said  “it looks like it’s closing down” but couldn’t offer any help. To cut a long story short my hairdresser moved on to another salon and so did I. New hairdresser, don’t you hate that, but this time it was a good thing. New hairdresser with a friend who had a good outcome with Absolique. Now hopefully so will I. Treatments have begun one week ago.

Nerida H – Nurse

Without fail every week, the girls are so friendly and fun and the service and attention I receive is amazing.

Lorraine H – Marketing

I can see lots of new tiny hairs around my hairline!!! So excited for this, I can’t wait to see them thicken up! Unfortunately my pH has been really off this week and I *think* I’m shedding hairs again but will talk to the lovely girls tomorrow about it. So pleased about the new regrowth though.

Madeline M – Student

My fourth session with Absolique was as usual very relaxing. Now that I know what my body is lacking, I can talk to the girls to find out which supplements will be okay to take with the other vitamins and minerals I’m taking. This session just made me confident that Caroline really knows what she is doing and can really help. My hair loss has decreased significantly and now I’m just hoping that it starts to get thicker! Fingers crossed!

Mansi A – Student

Noticing a little less hair fall out this week, my usual weekly bathroom corner search of hair clumps has seen smaller results – can only be a good thing and I hope this also a positive sign towards healthier scalp and hair. I’m still loving my magic sprinkles, the only down side is the thin layer of dust it leaves in my bathroom (more cleaning, but a small price to pay).

Mel W – Project Manager

So much new growth coming through. I can see it and feel it now. I’m very excited to tell people, even though they are already noticing. Very happy.

Alix G – Social Worker

I am only a week into treatment, so it is hard to tell if anything is working yet, I’m finding the whole treatment program good though, nothing is hard about it, taking the supplements is easy, apart from the green Qi, but I will use the tips from the newsletter for that. The topical treatments are fine and I enjoyed my first in clinic treatment.

Jenna A – Vet Nurse

I have to say all of the girls are lovely, friendly and very approachable and are more than happy to answer your questions. Carolyn replies to emails promptly and I am very happy with the client contact. I had my first in clinic treatment. I really enjoyed the laser hair brushing which is strange as I am so scared to touch my hair. I washed my hair last Friday but didn’t notice anything as I put it up in the morning to go to gym. Well I have washed my hair today and I am freaking out again as my hair is so thin. I know I am being impatient but I will be wearing my hair up for the next few weeks until my hair starts to thicken up. I am concerned at this point in time that I will not get the results others have been lucky to experience. I am venting about my situation and I am a little concerned but I have the guarantee that I will see results…so I am holding onto that and will move forward with the rest of my journey and just hope I will have beautiful hair like my daughters soon.

Tracey D – Designer

My pH is still not on track and after monitoring my eating, exercise and sleep habits I still have absolutely no idea why. My hair is looking shiny and healthy though and there are a lot of new baby hairs popping up, especially around the hairline. I can’t wait to see Kate again this week.

Madeline M – Student

Not so tired. Feeling well. Full of energy. I’m wanting to take the green drink now so I will feel better. You can definitely feel the difference.

Kylie H – Insurance Clerk

A comedy of errors this week, I forgot my micro needle at the in-salon session, missed 1 round of pills and green drink and on another night the acid buffer. Just when I thought I was getting used to my routine without having to think about it, a super busy week throws me into chaos. Hopefully not too much of an impact on the overall results.

Mel W – Project Manager

I am going to vent again this week as I can’t tell anyone else about my embarrassing problem. It seems silly people tell me they love my hair but they have no idea to the extent as to what my problem is & how much my hair is damaged from years gone by. Every time I wash my hair I still freak out. I washed my on Friday and woke up on Saturday with hair on my pillow..Omg I nearly hair since but I did freak out. I have a few personal things going on at the moment, trying my hardest not to stress but come on when am I going to get a break. All I asked for was a couple of months to hopefully get my hair sorted. To end on a positive and as I keep saying I can’t wait until I have hair like my beautiful daughters.

Tracey D – Designer

I am feeling really healthy from the vitamins, minerals & green drinks. I even think I can see some new hair growth sprouting!!!

Danielle M – Home Keeper

The team at Absolique give me the honest advice and service I need to make my hair journey less daunting. Thank you.

Anthea P – Home keeper

The hair programs is becoming a lot easier now and takes only 15-20 minutes. I have begun to notice small hairs surfacing from the scalp and a lot the colour of my hair have also become darker.

Chris M – Financial Planner

Another great appointment with the dream team Sarah and Colette and YAY so happy there was a little bit of Carolyn’s super conditioner left my hair feels amazing!

Rebecca M – Auditor

After nearly a year of treatment, my time is almost up. I will miss the girls at the clinic but am determined to have a regular check-up to make sure I stay on track.

Susan D – Administration


This week has been pretty uneventful and everything is continuing normally. I am starting to get a little sick of always having to remember to take my drinks and vitamins but they honestly make me feel so much better when I do have them – they give me energy and I feel more awake which is great for school! My usual assistant Kate was away last week so I am looking forward to seeing her again this appointment! But I was well looked after by Colette who is doing so well with her training and is lovely to chat to.

Madeline M – Student

As it came to the end of my journey for my weekly appointments at Absolique, I was looking forward to viewing my results via a scope session which detailed before and after pictures of my hair & scalp. As always, the staffs at Absolique were very supportive and gave very positive encouragement as well as pointing out areas where I can improve my results. After my appointment I walked away motivated to continue improving the health of my hair and assured that with the support of Absolique I will only see improvements.

Zoe C – Admin

I feel the products going onto the scalp and hair does seem to give a thicker feel/appearance. Top of scalp a little tender after last night’s needling but that just means the products will go into the skin.

Kylie H – Insurance

I am beginning to notice a difference in my hair health and the volume of my hair is starting to change. The nutritional and ph testing have now become a habit.

Alex G – Social Worker

Last week I mentioned my scalp was a little sensitive, it still is this week but it’s not uncomfortable so I’ll be sticking with the micro needle routine. I was worried about not having highlights in my hair to try and mask the thinning areas, but since I’ve been using the magic sprinkles and going back to a colour that closer to my natural shade, I’ve been getting some great compliments. My only difficulty at the moment is trying to stick to only taking the green drink and pills when I’m hungry – easy on weekends, a bit harder to juggle during work hours.

Mel W – Project Manager

Just recently started the hair program at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and from all the independent research I how conducted regarding hair thinning, I was astonished by how much I still didn’t know. It’s really a full spectrum program as it tackles hair loss on many fronts as it addresses nutrition, topical solutions and other various tactics of stimulating the scalp. I’ll still in the infant stages of sighting any results but I’m confident they will come.

Chris M – Financial Planner

My experiences at Absolique are always professional. Considerate and understanding. I highly recommend any one with hair problems to visit Carolyn for a consultation.

Anthea P – Home Keeper

For anyone worried about their hair care routine at home – don’t. The wonderful staff at Absolique teach you everything you need to know. I’ve found my hair care routine easy to follow and now couldn’t imagine caring for my hair any other way.

Chantelle C – Student

My new hair is growing so much faster! I have a little halo of baby hair growing which everybody keeps commenting about! I am absolutely happy with the results!

Odette R – Childcare

Well I started my course. Had my first experience with the famous green drink and must say I gave my kids a laugh as I slowly gagged my way through the experience. Lucky I’m vain enough to keep going so I can appreciate and see the end results.

Vicky S – Executive

Week 2 and I’m starting to settle into the routine of pills, green drinks and hair/scalp treatments. The only really unpleasant thing is the Green Drink, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything that bad before, that said it’s not a hard routine to get into and the team at Absolique have been great in answering any questions I had and the in-clinic session was just pure bliss.

Mel W – Project Manager

I’m feeling confident about my treatment and the future of my hair. The home care treatment is a lot easier than I thought it would be and the instructions provided make it very easy to look up how many tablets to take a day or where to use your micro-needle if you forget. The thing I’m probably finding hardest is waking up a little earlier to take my green qi so that it is digested on an empty stomach but luckily I don’t mind the taste unlike a lot of other people! Already my hair is looking fuller, especially after using Activance which is my favorite product hands down!

Madeline M – Student

Treatments still going well, with only three left to go. I am really looking forward to comparing the scope results. Visiting the salon is always a lovely and relaxing experience. I am impressed with the overall volume of my hair, it’s already quite long but the fullness of it seems to have really increased. Activance is truly an amazing product and I’m so glad that I now know about it!

Tanya D – Teacher

Week 4 and the routine is starting to feel like it’s just part of normal everyday life. It might be too early to see most results but my hair just feels fabulous and I’m amazed that I’ve been able to throw away all of my chemically laced products. I’m still guilty of a little hairspray but not as much as before.

Mel W – Project Manager

This is week three and I’m getting more confident with doing my in home treatment. After my last visit I was impressed with the changes in my hair health.

Alex G – Social Worker

To this day I am grateful that my daughter introduced me to Carolyn. Lost confidence is now back and my hair is the best it has been for years.

Susan D – Admin

My last week of the 4 month treatment, phew. It takes commitment to go on this hair health journey but I’m glad I made the effort. If only it was as easy as popping a magic pill once a day. Know much more about cause and effect, and now feel that I can address things that have bothered me for years. Hopefully the improvement I feel in my scalp and (I think) my hair strength will show up clearly in my before and after testing in the next week or so.

Greg B – I.T.

Week 5, my scalp is starting to feel a little more sensitive to touch, I’m assuming this might be due to the micro needling – perhaps I’m getting used to it and applying a bit more pressure. pH levels are within good range and everything else seems fine. Getting close to the mid point mark and looking forward to seeing if there has been some movement.

Mel W – Project Manager

I am 4 weeks into treatment and while it’s a little early to see hair results I am seeing the results of taking the supplements…. feeling like I have a lot more energy. Looking forward to this weeks treatment!

Lorraine H – Manager

Treatments still going well, with only three left to go. I am really looking forward to comparing the scope results. Visiting the salon is always a lovely and relaxing experience. I am impressed with the overall volume of my hair, it’s already quite long but the fullness of it seems to have really increased. Activance is truly an amazing product and I’m so glad that I now know about it!

Tanya D – Teacher

My first experience with Absolique was awesome. Everyone is so helpful and everything is explained in detail. It’s very rare that I feel so confident about a service but after my first session I am hopeful that I can expect great results. There is a lot to take in especially all the vitamins and minerals but after a couple of days you get used to it. However, I finally understand why people often talk about the green drink. Still getting used to that..

Mansi M – Student

My “shed” has continued this week, although it has not been as stressful as the team’s support and explanation of the hair cycle have put my mind at ease and I am no longer counting every individual hair. I slept over at a friend’s unexpectedly this week and so I missed one round of green qi and vitamins – my first miss as I have been very consistent up until now. I don’t think it has affected me too majorly and I don’t plan on missing any more so it should be fine. I am excited for my appointment tomorrow!

Madeline M – Student

I’m so happy with the result I’m getting! Everyone is commenting how full my hair now looks! Very exciting!

Odette R – Childcare

Only 3 more weeks left of my 4 month (hit it hard) treatment. I am looking forward to comparing the before and after results from the scope photos, and I’m hopeful of seeing the results before my eyes. My hair health took years to deteriorate, and I’m determined to do the right things to get back in balance, even if it takes a awhile. Hopefully I will be able to cut down on the treatments and continue an effective battle against the dreaded DHT.

Greg B – I.T.

I’m about halfway through my treatment program and I am starting to notice my hair becoming thicker on the top of my head. Can’t wait for my hair to grow to fill out the rest.

Chantelle C – Student

The team at Absolique are always so friendly and welcoming, and certainly know their business. I have had good results.

Anita F – Curator

Just before Christmas had my last session, then on to Whistler for a Ski holiday, packed what I felt was my weight in tablets, powder, shampoos, sprays and Tonique and off I went. As we were on a ski holiday, when you get up in the morning it’s a routine of grabbing something quickly and then hitting the slopes. Obviously this isn’t conducive to the hair routine as you need to take the tablets. I set my alarm every morning an hour earlier, took the tablets, stumbled back to bed and hoped id fall asleep. 9/10 times I didn’t but c’est la vie. It was difficult keeping up with everything on this holiday especially the tablets. And as you can imagine the last thing you want to do after a full day of skiing is the hair routine! That being said…over Christmas was when I first really started noticing the changes in my hair, when I go to spray the Activance instead of clear partings I now just have hair to spray, a lot more filled in. As I was saying to Kate, I feel like a Yeti. Also although my husband may not have been noticing, I have had so many comments from friends saying that my hair seems different and has more volume. Initially I didn’t tell anyone about what I was doing but now I can’t stop. As its working I want to shout it from the roof tops! The front is still my most troubled area but that was the worst hit so it stands to reason that will be the last one to recover. If it keeps going the way it is i will be the happiest person ever! The hair care is still going well, continuing to buy all the tablets and do the routines. I’m just waiting for my immediate hairline to kick in, it must come soon!

Kate K – Manager

I really look forward to my weekly treatments. The nutritionals I’m taking as part of the program have given me a lot more energy and I’m feeling healthier than I have felt in a long time. My hair and scalp are definitely looking and feeling a lot healthier as well and I feel like my hair is looking a lot fuller and richer as a result so far.

Tanya D – Teacher

Feeling good about the treatment. Can notice a little bit of improvement. Looking forward to my last 2 appointments.

Nik K – Student

Entering the last month of my 4 month treatment. I find with the once weekly clinic treatments I am slowly but surely increasing my knowledge on cause of scalp and hair problems, no question is too tricky for the Absolique girls. I guess from an almost zero knowledge level when I started I had to improve. Forgot to brush my hair and scalp before scalp cleansing the other day and felt almost guilty. Went for a run to find a good excuse for doing the routine again, but properly this time. Determined to get the best results possible in this 4 month treatment.

Greg B – I.T.

I’m halfway there! I had another lovely visit with Kate who I have pretty much had from the start. You can really tell the difference in my hair now; my hairline is almost joining in the middle completely. I’m very happy with how far I have come and I can’t believe I still have six more visits to go! The only thing I do find very trying is the drink. When it’s first thing in the morning and all you want to do is have a nice breakfast and you end up having to drink the feroxin and the green powder it doesn’t make you jump up and down with excitement that’s for sure. I’m going to keep going and keep staying positive though as I can clearly see the results now and Kate assures me it will get even better! Look forward to every visit I have as its one step closer to the end and everyone in there is so lovely!

Kate K – Manager

After many years of not knowing how to get help in repairing my hair after living with trichotillomania, I came across Absolique Hair Health Clinic. After booking in for a consultation I was a little nervous at how the whole process would go but after speaking with Carolyn and the ladies from Absolique my nerves were settled. They are all very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to hair health and your individual needs whilst at the same time being very personal in traveling your new hair health.

Zoe C – Administration

On the 7th week of my 4 months treatment and having gone this far, no turning back now. It’s becoming 2nd nature to give my scalp a vigorous brush treatment before I cleanse (replacing shampooing) my scalp and hair, and another benefit of this is I don’t have a hint of dandruff. I was able to schedule the in-house treatments at Absolique starting at 5pm which works perfectly as I can pop in after work.

Greg B – I.T.

Had my first consultation with Carolyn a great relief to find out the cause of my recent hair loss and knowing that it can be corrected with my personalised treatment plan. Very happy indeed.

Susanne C – Legal Secretary

My treatment is basically over and I must say I’m loving the results. I’ll definitely continue the treatment at home as I believe that in order to maintain what I have achieved I need to continue what I am currently doing. I’m pleased with everything, the environmentally friendly people and the great support and advice they give in all aspects.

Kari Y – Student

When I started my treatment with Carolyn and the girls, I never thought I would get used to all the steps I had to do for my hair care. Now months done the track, it is very routine and no hassle at all.

Susan D- Admin

It is now week 11 and the results have been great and exceeded what I thought would happen. Loads of new hair and stronger wave formation. Even my regular hairdresser was impressed with the results I have achieved. I have been disciplined with my supplements and routine so I am glad that I have persevered.

Natalie K – Sales Manager

Before visiting Absolique Hair Health Clinic my hair was dry, dead and lifeless. After speaking with Carolyn and starting up a new hair care regime just over 4 weeks ago my hair is now soft, shiny and healthier.

Chantelle C – Student

I received the results of the scope session after a year on maintenance. Results were good but still room for improvement so I’ll be doing another year.

Jenny W – Professional

Great explanation, good service! Can’t wait to see the result after 4 months.

Kevin F – Graphic Designer

On day six so a long way to go! Week Two: went to the clinic for my treatment, it’s so much nicer than doing it myself, plus they do so much more. Home care has had its ups and downs. Dropped the tonic in the shower and the little nozzle broke clean off…so don’t drop that thing! The hardest part I find is the parting of the hair for the treatments, I have what the girls have called mermaid hair (ie very long) and trying to separate my hair in the shower after the scalp wash is very hard. The whole treatment takes a good hour from the washing of the hair (and rest of shower and coordinating what to do first so that you can jump out as soon as possible!) to the roller (more parting) to the tonic…to drying my mermaid hair…to the restim +. Yes, it’s an ordeal..BUT if it works, it will be worth it. So green stuff…still tasting yuk, going to try the girls suggestion of jelly cubes instead of liquid version, must buy another batch for that. Cold water makes it a little easier though in the mean time. Flying through the tablets too…it’s going to be a pricy one I think! We will see what happens.

Kate K – Manager

Just finished my 2nd of 14 treatments with Absolique Hair Health Clinic. The staff are warm, friendly and make you feel relaxed. After having experienced hair loss and the stress that comes with it, it was a big step coming here to get some help. With such lovely staff the anxiety I felt about getting my problem fixed melted away.

Chantelle C – Student

Hair is getting better each day. I feel good about the supplements and treatment. Looking forward to this week’s treatment with the very caring and wonderful people.

Nik K – Student

Week three: I’m getting the hang of the roller of death, and if you drink the green stuff from a bottle or shaker (something which means you can’t smell it) it doesn’t make you gag…as much. I’m going on holidays for two weeks so I started counting out the tablets and what not that I will need. Looks like I will need a complete refill of EVERYTHING! The pills really don’t last long at all, I guess taking 14 a day will do that .Not looking forward to the next bill. On a positive side, I have my hair routine down to 30 mins, start to finish, was amazed when I checked the time. Might have something to do with the fact I cut my hair in the front so now parting it isn’t such sweet sorrow. Looking forward to seeing the girls. Best part of this whole thing, Lena and Kate are great fun.

Kate K – Manager

I had my scope session with Carolyn. It seems that I may have good results. I will know the exact outcome when I see the comparisons.

Jenny W – Professional

Entering the 6th week of treatment, and I am getting value from the in-house treatments. Chatting with the Absolique girls (while the treatments are being administered) I am improving my knowledge and awareness of good nutrition which is vital for inner health and thus outer health, the hair and skin. Even touched on the subject of Nutritional Anthropology which I am sure you won’t hear from your local hairdresser. My overall health feels fine, and I have confidence that my medication is targeted at overall health which in turn is reflected in hair health.

Greg B – I.T.

On to week four! Week Four: this will be my last visit until after Christmas, two weeks flying solo. All in all, the routine is down, the roller is down…and I think it’s just the lack of break that gets to you. I also feel like a massive failure if my ph is low, which due to Christmas parties and antibiotics mine has been! My hair does feel healthier and I will power through!! Looking forward to finishing the four months though! It really does take over your life!

Kate K – Manger

From the very beginning of my journey at Absolique Hair Health Clinic I looked forward to my appointments each week as every time I attended the clinic I would be reminded of the steps forward that I am taking to improve the health of my hair and seeing results in baby steps week by week. On those weeks where I perhaps hadn’t followed the home care routine as well as I should have or when I had become discouraged due to one reason or another the ladies at Absolique would be there to gently remind and encourage me of the steps forward that I have taken and get me back on track. Looking at where I have come, I know that I still have a way to go however am excited to see the end results in due time.

Zoe C – Administration

Now on the 8th week of my 4 months treatment. “Signs of my old itchy greasy scalp condition” have disappeared, and it feels much improved. Previously after shampooing, an hour or so later my scalp would itch, but no more of that – thank heavens. I’m finding it satisfying to be proactive about my hair and overall health, and am staying motivated to make the effort that is required to improve those areas.

Greg B – I.T.

As an eighteen year old girl, experiencing hair loss and the thought of losing my once thick and beautiful head of hair forever was horrific. Carolyn and the team at Absolique Hair Health Clinic have been absolutely wonderful, treating me with the utmost compassion and ensured that I was comfortable in their office. Carolyn is incredibly knowledgeable and in your first appointment can not only diagnose your hair and scalp problem but also decode her findings and present them to you in an easily understandable way. I am incredibly excited to return to continue on my hair treatment journey and I cannot thank Carolyn enough. Finding Absolique Hair Health Clinic has turned my life around and I now feel positive about my future and my hair.

Madeline M – Student

Going well, but life keeps getting in the way so it is hard to remain motivated. Perhaps a pep-talk from Carolyn for those part-way through treatment would help some people.

Alinta K- Lecturer

I was so relieved when I found out about Absolique. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Trichologist before meeting Carolyn! Her knowledge about hair is amazing and I really like the fact that the treatment offered is a whole body program aimed at restoring balance and health to the whole body. The hair health check was so informative and after getting it done and finding out what was really going on helped me to breathe easier and gave me a plan and a solution to focus on. I was finally able to stop the aimless searching on the internet trying to diagnose myself. The treatment plan was explained clearly and carefully to me and at no time did I feel pushed into anything. Carolyn and her team and are really lovely and helpful. I have only just started the treatments and I look forward to seeing what will happen!

Tanya D – Teacher

My hair felt absolutely amazing when I left the clinic and i’ve had heaps of compliments about how shiny it is. I’ve also had comments that my hair is growing so long and getting thicker….this is the best compliment EVER for me considering its been a long journey of hair loss.

Rebecca M – Analyst

It’s great to be greeted with smiles and how has your week been, then offer of hot and cold drink. Kate’s got it sussed what we have without asking! And spend rest of time catching up like friends what we’ve all been up to during week.

Sylvia H – Customer Service

Having suffered from scalp problems (itchy, oily) and my hair not as healthy as I would like, I finally took the plunge and sought professional help. My first visit to Absolique was a learning experience as Carolyn explained in concise detail the causes and options available to rectify. The options are not cosmetic based and go to the source, and for this reason I have decided to commence the prescribed treatments that Carolyn has recommended.

Greg B – I.T.

Well. I’ve completed my program. I’ve kept to the schedule – apart from a few missed days due to travel. I am happy with the result to most of my hair; however, I do not see any improvement in the front which is where I did desperately want to see change. Perhaps it will look different under the microscope and all I have to do is wait for it to grow. I hope so.

Anita C – Manger

My hair is looking amazing. I’m so pleased I went in to the salon. It will be interesting to see the before and after photos! Last treatment this week. This has been a very worthwhile exercise. The condition of my hair is great. The new growth in the recessions is amazing.

Janet B – Retired

I can feel that my hair is getting healthier. Hope it will soon come back to the same quantity & quality as it used to be earlier. It feels great to visit the clinic every week. They are really a nice people.

Nick K – Student

Hair health can be an emotional roller coaster so I am always pleased that I have the team at Absolique to help get my hair back to its best.

Anthea P – Home Keeper

On the 4th week now, and have got the nightly routine of home treatments down to about 35 mins. I have dropped the daily vitamin tablet I used previously and replaced it with the daily medications as advised by Carolyn, and feel much more confident in the real benefits I am getting. I am doing the daily in-house treatments, and a tip to beginners, don’t forget to take along your micro needle. Previously I dreaded having my scalp touched (itchiness) even for a haircut, so with my scalp in much better condition, plus the friendly staff at Absolique, I am finding the in-house treatments not so scary.

Greg B – I.T.

My fiancé and I can’t believe we’ve nearly finished all the hair appointments! When I started it seemed like such a long time! Its been a matter of priorities and we decided my hair came first for these few months and everything we could do just worked around these. Can’t wait to see what my hair growth has actually been. I’m going to miss coming in and having lovely friendly girls pamper my hair.

Sylvia H – Customer Service

The girls at the clinic were wonderful. So positive and friendly. Carolyn is lucky to have such a lovely team working with her. Well done girls.

Janet B – Retired

Last appointment for the year will be a scope session after 12 months of maintenance. Looking forward to seeing the comparisons. Good news hopefully!!

Jenny W – Professional

I continue to see great improvement as each week passes and am very pleased.

Susan D – Administration

Some with hair issues may search and never find a solution. That means they never discovered Carolyn and her wonderful Absolique team. I did and I continue to enjoy the benefits of Carolyn’s wide knowledge as well as the pleasant attitude of the clinics caring team who are like a second family.  Good work Ladies for a job well done over the past year.

Kevin B – Retired

I’ve been in ‘maintenance mode’ for the last several months and continue to see improvement in all areas of hair growth (and I mean new hair growth), hair volume and scalp health. Thinking back I’ve not actually had to scratch an itch on my scalp since starting the program more than a year ago, and I can say that my scalp prior to starting the treatments used to get itchy quite regularly! My program (or should I say the way I live now?) is now so ingrained that if for any reason I am unable to have my green drink and vitamins I can physically tell something is ‘not right’ and my energy/concentration levels dip during the day. I cannot thank Carolyn enough for her absolute confidence in her products and that her treatment recommendations would work, with guaranteed results. I also have to thank Carolyn’s team for their professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication; salon visits are an absolute joy! I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it for the rest of my life, if you have any concerns regarding hair loss, GO AND SEE CAROLYN she will fix it – guaranteed!

Sandra N – Insurance Clerk

This is now my 7th week into the program and I am so pleased to say I am noticing new hair that is growing faster than ever before. My hair feels stronger and curlier closer to the scalp. I just can’t wait to see what it will be like in the coming months.

Natalie K – Sales Manger

Maintenance is going well. It’s pretty much part of my life. I’m still growing new hair.

Lisa F – Business Owner

Started last Wednesday, the full package, so lots and lots of pills and work with my hair. It does take some time to get a plan in place hair wise. I realised after my first try with the roller that every day is too much and I found little dots of blood…not so good. So now, I’m going for roller every second day and of course looking forward to having that done for me expertly in the clinic. The worst thing I have found about the treatments so far is the drink prior to the tablets. By far that drink is the worst thing i have ever tasted. I have created a calendar with a countdown on it. The last day I have to drink that stuff can’t come soon enough! That aside, the scalp cleaner is amazing my husband made the comment that my hair has become very big (before styling) made me laugh and pretty happy. Really hope this works! On day six so a long way to go!

Kay – Manager

After recently completing my initial consultation with Carolyn, I am looking forward to starting the treatment plan. I am particularly excited about seeing new hair growth whilst improving my overall health and well being in the process.

Danielle M – Professional

Carolyn is fantastic, explains clearly the plan with empathy. Very impressed with my “Hair Health Check”. She is very knowledgeable and has given me full confidence in the treatment. I feel hopeful about a good outcome.

Nikunj K – Student

Nearly half way! It is nice to have your own girl. It is more personalized; Sarah feels more like a friend than getting paid to do her job.

Sylvia H – Customer Service

The routine is easy, the supplements are never ending, but the results are on their way. I wish I could forward a couple of months so I could see what I will look like.

Anita C- Teacher

At my clinic visit his week the assistant showed me the new growth on my crown. We were both excited to see how much had re grown.

Janet B – Retired

Treatment has been completed. I have had excellent results and now I am doing the maintenance program.

Danielle F – Legal Secretary

I always enjoy getting my hair done by Sarah and having our funny chats, I look forward to it every 6 weeks! I also hear the new ad on B105 every morning congratulations it’s great!

Rebecca M – Analyst

Nearing the end of my maintenance cycle. I feel like my hair has definitely thickened. Scope session soon so all will be revealed!!

Jenny W – Professional

The team at Absolique have the best product knowledge around regarding hair health. I always leave feeling like I have been given the best personalized treatment for my hair.

Anthea P – Home Keeper

Well my hair is still on the improve I can still see new hair and it hasn’t been this long in 15 years thanks to Absolique.

Annie C – Book keeper

I am now past half way through my course of treatment and still showing positive results. I am have become a more positive and confident person and I have continued to believe in Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

Elsa C – Librarian

Yeah half way!! Can’t wait to see hair growth! My fiancé has been very supportive the whole way through. He’s gone to every appointment with me! Every time the girls have made him feel welcome and include him in everything, including always offering drinks. Thanks!

Sylvia H – Customer Service

Looking forward to my next session. I value the reassurance that my hair is responding to all the treatment.

Susan D – Office Admin

I can’t wait for the next few weeks to see this new growth gaining length. I’m happy to say that the quality of my hair is greatly improved. Must be all the Neways  I’m taking too. Will be taking Green Chi forever. It’s such a nutritious drink. This week I’ve noticed that my hair is very silky and shiny. Feeling so positive about my hair now.

Janet B – Retired

ONE WEEK TO GO!!!! Getting excited to see the results through the microscope! Common all that hard work!!!

Morgaine S – Health Care Worker

All treatment completed now. I look forward to my scope session to see how far I’ve come.

Henry F – Student

Carolyn was as always very positive and helpful. Last week I started my treatment with Lena. She is very friendly and enthusiastic about hair.The team at Absolique show a genuine concern for hair health. The service received was excellent. Can’t wait for my hair to start growing!

Nikunj K – Student

I have just finished the last of the treatment program. The results so far for me have seen my scalp health vastly improve. I no longer suffer from scalp irritations or inflammation. My hair fallout has reduced considerably from prior to starting the program. As for hair re growth I await the scope session, I have not seen hair restoration of my hairline but have noticed a generally fuller appearance of my hair on top of my scalp. As usual the service at Absolique has been excellent and I shall miss my weekly sessions with the team.

Steven P – Chef

I am finally getting used to having the Green Qi drink, actually enjoying it now. Feeling really good!

Jenny W – Professional 

I started a course of treatment at Absolique because I had a lot of hair loss and the condition of my hair was wispy, fine and lifeless. Now after my treatment it is in wonderful condition and the re growth is amazing. Many thanks to Carolyn and her staff.

Jocelyn D – Retired

Treatment has been completed. I have had excellent results and now I am doing the maintenance program.

Danielle F – Legal Secretary 

I have had excellent results with my treatment. I am on maintenance program now, hopefully will get even more results!

Shirley N – I.T

I seem like I just want to give a sigh of reef. I have had so much stress in my life that this hair thing or more like this “no hair thing” has really got to me. But since having some amazing help from Carolyn and the girls it has made me not give up. So I can only say it is great to have them on board to help me through the journey of hair recovery. I will keep you posted.

Elizabeth A – Carer 

Over the last 2 months I’ve noticed I have more energy and feel less tired. I feel like the supplements are helping. Also the hair routine is almost second nature to me. I think it’s actually more efficient than my old hair routine. There’s less fuss once you know what you’re doing.

Jasmine S – Student

Very friendly and helpful, from first point of contact on phone to visiting once a week. Can’t wait for my hair to start growing! My hair and head feels great after washing it and going through the special process and isn’t so greasy and even looks thicker.

Sylvia H – Customer Service 

I’m still doing my monthly maintenance sessions and I must admit I look forward to it. I particularly look forward to the reassurance that my treatment is on track.

Susan D – Admin

My recent visit was once again filled with positivity and exceptional service. Lena and Sarah are a fantastic team who always provide me with exactly what I need to feel great. Thank you!

Anthea P – Home Keeper 

It has been 10 yrs of serious issues with my hair and much distress of watching it disappear in front of my eyes. I’ve tried many types of treatments and spent a small fortune, but to no avail. Not to mention the countless hours spent on the Internet searching for solutions and researching as much about hair loss as possible. Meeting with Carolyn and her staff was really the first time I actually truly believed that my hair loss/thinning issues could be resolved. She is an absolute breath of fresh air. She knows what she is talking about and can back it up. Something I never experienced with other so called specialists. Carolyn is the only person who will give you and accurate diagnosis as opposed to making assumptions about your particular condition. I have only just started my journey with Absolique but for the first time I have complete faith that my hair health is finally in the right hands. So grateful to have discovered them.

Luciana M -Nail Tech